We offer an online community to participate in to assist consumers in voicing their opinions about what they like and don’t like about their electricity supplier. We allow both positive and negative comments from electric company customers.

Our site has a blog section where common issues and questions are raised in areas of the US that have deregulated their electric utility area. We actively comment back and assist in helping our users resolve the many different problems that come up when changing to an alternate electricity company in a deregulated area.

We recommend searching our posts in the blog for an issue you have been having and comment to let users of this site know how you were able to resolve your specific issue with an electricity supplier. Our energy consultants on staff are also available to respond to your comments and questions so be sure to let us know what questions you have about ordering electric service in your deregulated state.

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If you need a no deposit residential rate please call our featured no deposit provider at: 1-888-620-3823

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  1. Margaret HuyckNo Gravatar says:

    Please send comparative rates.

    • EdNo Gravatar says:

      Margaret, you can find a really cool compare chart out at http://www.electricityservice.com

      Type in your zip code and click compare and you can see residential electric rates for your area.

      If you have any questions about rates in general or the research you have done already let me know. I would be glad to help as much as I can.

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