Biomass Power Plants means less illegal burning in East Texas

Biomass is another name for creating power with those small skinny pine trees and ground stumps loggers burn or chip away.

For several years loggers in East Texas would gather up stumps and small trees and place them in a pile on a piece of land, throw some tires on that pile, pour diesel fuel on that and light it up.

This however can cause a logger nowadays to face steep penalties that could cost a logging company $100,000 or more.

It isn’t just logging companies that have done this but excavation companies that clear out and flatten land.

Tyler, Lindale, and the surrounding East Texas excavation industry would from time to time burn their smaller sized trees and any sized trunks when the enforcement was down regarding illegal burning.

This wait and see approach on whether to burn or run logs and branches through a tree chipper is about to change.

Excavation companies and loggers will now have a big incentive to put their garbage wood on a trailer and haul it to the nearest biomass power plant in East Texas.

There are more permits in the works for the one to be built in Lindale Texas but it is getting close to construction right of of Highway 20. Texas air pollution regulators have already approved the plant while loggers, excavators, and job seekers wait in anxious expectation for a new opportunity.

Once built excavation companies and loggers will have another source for making money by logging. East Texas may find that creating power from tree clearing becomes a new industry.

Before you slam this new energy industry for destroying our forests it is important to know the facts. These trees won’t be plucked up out of the ground simply to create electricity to feed on the Texas grid.

These are trees that would have been removed anyway to build homes, businesses, roads, and in the process of logging larger trees.

Rather then waist these trees by chipping them or burning them they can create much needed renewable energy via biomass power plants.

You can read more about this topic at the Texas Tribune “Biomass Power Plants in East Texas”

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