Billing Issues to Consider with your electricity supplier

To begin in understanding your residential electricity supplier bill it is worth mentioning the billing cycle.

The electric bill cycle is usually 28 days but depending on when you sign up for electric service it may differ the first month.

The billing cycle is also related to when your meter is read. If the transmission and distribution utility company only comes out on the 8th of every month to read your meter then this could be when the billing cycle starts.

So when you sign up for electric service with a new electricity supplier around the 1st you may get an electricity bill that may have a few days in additional charges added to it.

For instance, you usually must leave about 5 days available before the meter is actually read from the time you switch to a new electricity supplier in Texas.

If you signed up on the 1st and service started in your name on the 6th and the utility reads the meter on the 8th this gives the utility 2 days of electric usage to charge you for.

Your first months electric bill would be very cheap or they may hold those two days of charges and add them to the next bill cycles bill.

In the first situation the electric bill would be a pleasant surprise as the bill would be for 2 days.

In the second situation the electric bill may look a bit too high.

Also consider that the billing cycle is not always 28 days. Sometimes the electricity billing cycle in Texas can differ between 25 – 35 days.

Reasons your billing cycle could be lengthened to as long as 35 days relate to how many days there are in that month, if there are holidays on that month, when weekend falls, and is the electric meter accessible for the meter reader to see.

Billing issues related to the electric meter may be eliminated in a large part due to smart meters being installed in most areas of Texas. For instance, in the Dallas Fort Worth area and Houston area electric smart meters are almost completely installed in every neighborhood and business district.

These smart meters send electricity data directly to the Texas electric utility.

The number of days in a billing cycle are likely to come down in time because of the new smart meter technology being implemented in the state of Texas.

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