Today in Allentown PA a natural gas explosion killed local downtown residents

In Allentown PA today a natural gas explosion devastated some houses and killed residents. The explosion was dramatic in that TV’s and furniture were blown through walls and windows.

5 people besides the one confirmed killed are missing. During the winter natural gas is relied upon to heat homes as well as create electricity during peak demand periods in the day.

Coal power plants combined with natural gas power generation assist in not only heating homes but keeping the lights on.

Allentown PA electricity power plants have more safety measures and controls to prevent devastating explosions in their facilities but in old downtown neighborhoods pipes get rusty, corroded and leaks occur.

Unfortunately this happened although it is rare and reminds me of a story my mom told me once regarding a similar explosion that happened to her family in the 50’s.

My mom and her family were thankfully away at the hardware store when a natural gas explosion in their home completely obliterated their house.

These energy utility related catastrophes will hopefully get the utility company in Allentown PA on their toes to make sure all of their equipment is updated and repaired and prevent future occurrences.

People in Allentown will continue using natural gas and electricity to heat their homes and this accident shouldn’t cause a serious short fall in gas supply to the power plants in the area during the cold snap.

We pray for the families who have lost loved ones during this time and we hope the utilities and authorities can use this to prevent potential future explosions.


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