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We have been receiving several complaints coming in from Energy Plus customers and would like to know if there is any truth to some of these statements. We would also like to hear the other side of the story from Energy Plus if possible and maybe they can help in providing a response in case there is simply a bit of customer confusion regarding what they thought they signed up for and what they were actually charged.

I assume what is really going on is confusion regarding a variable electricity price but would like to hear from you the customer in case it is more than that.

We do not sell or represent Energy Plus but since we sell electric service in some of the same states as Energy Plus our customers and potential customers bring them up from time to time with their issues.

The complaint involves the perception that they will get a competitive electric rate but when the bill comes these customers have complained that the rate just isn’t competitive to them when comparing Energy Plus to their old electric company.

What I think may be happening is that potential customers of Energy Plus see an ad for their electricity service and might even see that it says “competitive”

These customers sign up with the impression that they have chosen a “competitive” electric company but not really knowing what they mean by competitive.

Once the customer gets their bill they see an electric rate or final bill total that does not fit in their expectations of “competitive”.

It could be possible that these Energy Plus customers are choosing a variable electricity rate plan with this company.

When you go with a variable electric rate you are picking an electric supplier that has the option of raising the price you pay for electricity based on what the energy fuel market does.

Since electricity is generated using raw fuel commodities like natural gas this factor can cause changes in the price of electricity each and every month.

With a variable electric rate it is possible the price of electricity could go down but if it goes up it can cause concern and even a misconception that a scam has taken place.

From my analysis I assume Energy Plus is not scamming anyone but I can understand how electric service customers could assume that competitive means they will get their first bill showing cheaper electricity costs than with their previous provider.

It is not uncommon that these Energy Plus electric company customers may think their price will remain the same or always go down in price for as long as they remain a customer.

If the price ever goes up this situation can be a cause of fear and concern and opinions can rush to judging Energy Plus as a scam when it could just be that the customer had not fully wrapped their head around the fact that they chose a variable electric rate that has e potential to change in price.

To avoid price unpredictability and lack of assurance in electricity price a “Fixed Rate” is a better option for a risk averse customer. The fixed rate is locked in for an agreed upon time period.

Energy Plus electric companyUsually prior to a fixed rate expiring a letter or notice of some kind is sent out giving the customer the chance of locking in again at a new fixed rate or choose to go shopping again among multiple electricity suppliers.

If a variable electric rate is of concern to you consider choosing a fixed rate with Energy Plus if this is a rate plan that they offer.

In summary the Energy Plus complaints although sincere may be simply a lack of understanding in regards to what variable prices can do.

Here is an Energy Plus Complaint from Kurt G. that was written February 20th 2011:

Kurt G. – Responding to your post I can tell you that my rate was a variable rate as was the majority of the many complaints about Energy Plus’s overcharging. Energy Plus does not make available on there website or over the phone their rates. They will tell you that their goal is to be competitive. As for the fixed plan contract, it is debatable if this has much upside. We do know that right from the start, you pay higher rates and unless rates go way up, you will continue to pay a higher rate on average. As for your mother’s advise, I would say that my mother also had good advise, if it looks like a scam, sounds like a scam, it most likely is a scam. Please read my post that I’ve put on several other sites and maybe you will be convinced of Energy Plus’s deceptive practices.

Some of the Energy Plus service areas are:

New Jersey
New York
Energy Plus Texas

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16 Responses to Energy Plus Complaints

  1. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    I live in jersey and i’ve been an energy plus customer for 4 or 5 months now and my bill has been lower then PSE&Gs every month so i’m very happy with them. and i get us air miles too. i turned on a buddy in philadelphia that i work with to them and he’s had the same good experience.

    • EdNo Gravatar says:


      I am glad you have had a good experience with Energy Plus. Not really sure why all the negative complaints are out there? It could be related to people just not understanding that a variable price is subject to change. I do not promote Energy Plus one way or the other but that is my best guess as to why there are some negative comments out there.

      • Jim CunninghamNo Gravatar says:

        Everbody I find with Energy Plus LLC out of Penn. is paying 2 to 3 times the normal Rate. They’re in for a big wake up call in my area ! Furthermore, the best time to lock in a rate is when the market is down. After being in the energy saving business for over 25 years you earn it and learn it to save it . I been with Ambit Energy for almost 2 years now and when I quote prices to people w/Energy Plus they UPGRADE to Ambit immediately .

        • adminNo Gravatar says:

          Jim, I am sure it is an easy sell to convert people from Energy Plus to Ambit Energy. Energy Plus seems to stick it to you almost immediately and I am sure they make a handsome profit. Ambit has reasonable rates that extend on for months.

  2. DanNo Gravatar says:

    I in Illinois and have ComEd as my supplier. Energy plus is a variable rate and they send you a flyer claiming a 10% savings. I don’t know how they can make that claim when it is a market driven rate. I am on the real time hourly pricing with ComEd and I saved 21% last year. This year has been even better so far. Do not trust Energy Plus.

    • adminNo Gravatar says:


      I understand your point. I assume the energy savings promise is a promise regarding the price they offer at that time as compared to ComEd’s fixed or variable price, not really sure which rate they are using to promise the savings. Anyway you have a point in that savings you may receive from a variable rate may only be good the first month and sometimes less depending on the provider so it is always best if you are going to switch companies to pick a fixed rate.

  3. Kurt GNo Gravatar says:

    Response to Steve from his post of March 18

    How long have you worked for Energy Plus. I must admit, I’ve heard very few complaints out of NJ but as for you turning on your friend in Phili to Energy Plus and him having good results, not true. All one has to do is Google “Energy Plus Scam” and ignore the first result which is and Energy Plus website designed to control search results. There are many complaints out of PA and specifically Phili. The largest volume of complaints about Energy Plus’s deceptive claims of saving come from PA, NY, CT and Texas. For those of you thinking about switching to Energy Plus, look at the Upromise community complaint board, just Google “Upromise Energy Plus scam” and you will wonder how this company has not been shut down by the feds.

    • adminNo Gravatar says:


      Thank you for the information and heads up. I have read the comments on the upromise forum and have looked around the web to see some of the issues. We are always looking for good providers to work with and one thing we always try to do is level the playing field by showing customers a clear proposal without a weird misrepresentation of the facts as some of these customers are complaining about. We have never offered Energy Plus to our users and a part of this is because most providers ask if we will promote them but they never asked. When a provider does ask we really scrutinize the terms of service and energy agreement to make sure we are giving our customers a straight forward price for their electricity. I would love to hear an explanation from Energy Plus….maybe they can shed some light on why so many customers feel the need to rant about their prices on the internet as they have.

  4. PeteNo Gravatar says:


    I also have accounts in NJ and have been very happy. I called in and signed up my parents that live in Philadelphia and they have been happy also. We have both been recieving airline miles each month in addition to getting a lower rate than the utility. If we see rates go higher than the utility we will obviously cancel and since we can do that without penalty I don’t understand what the risk is with this company.


    • EdNo Gravatar says:


      I am glad you are having a good experience with Energy Plus. Regarding you question about the risk. With a variable electric rate since you are billed 30 – 45 days after you have already used your electricity you risk accumulating an entire month or more of electricity usage at a really high rate if an electric company were to raise it on you without your knowledge. When on a variable rate regardless of the electric company you always run this risk which is why we recommend comparing and signing up with only fixed rate electricity plans. Most electric companies offer fixed rate options.

  5. James OlsonNo Gravatar says:

    We switched over to energy plus in the early part of 2011. We have been watching our electric bills to see if this was a good decision. Our gut feeling was that it was a bad decision but didn’t have anything to compare to. This month we received an electric bill with the electric supply portion at $373.87. (2345 KWH X .15943 =’s $373.87). I called my daughter (same town as us) who has not switched electric suppliers. Her rate was .1108.
    Now if I had stayed with my original supplier my bill would have been $259.82. (2345 KWH X .1108 =’s $259.82). So by switching to Energy Plus I’m paying an additional $114.04 for just 1 month. “Bad Decision”

    • EdNo Gravatar says:


      Unfortunately I have seen many comments out there on the internet like yours. I am not sure what the exact problem is other than people may be signing up on a variable electric rate rather than a fixed rate. Variable prices have no guarantee on price and will go up on you eventually. I recommend looking at fixed rate prices only.

  6. JimNo Gravatar says:

    i had JCP&L in NJ and switched. I have been checking because of all of the scam feedback on the web. If you call JCP&L at 877 434 4100 you can get their current rates via an automated system in 5 minutes. For this month JCP&L is posting 11.972 per KWH on their automated phone system. My bill from Energy Plus was 11.9000 per KWH. So far, a few months in, no complaints but I will monitor the situation. Not a big savings, but a savings, plus I got the airline miles.

    • No Gravatar says:

      Here are the alternate residential and commercial suppliers in the JCP&L utility area. Keep in mind some providers just serve commercial accounts, some just serve residential and some will do both.

      Adagio Energy, LLC 877-235-6708
      Blue Star Energy services, Inc 866-258-3782
      BOC Energy Services 800-247-2644
      Champion Energy Services, Inc. 877-653-5090
      Clearview Electric, Inc 800-746-4702
      Commerce Energy, Inc. 800-556-8457
      Con Edison Solutions, Inc. 888-686-1383
      Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.
      Residential: 1-877-997-9995
      Commercial/Industrial: 888-635-0827
      Direct Energy, LLC 800-260-0300
      Discount Energy Group, LLC 800-282-3331
      Dominion Retail, Inc. 800-264-4754
      Energy Plus Holdings, LLC 1-877-866-9193
      Energy Service Provider’s, Inc. DBA – NJ Gas & Electric 866-568-0290
      FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. 800-977-0500
      Gateway Energy Services Corp. 800-313-8333
      GDF Suez Energy Resources NA 888-644-1014
      Gerdau Ameristeel 732-721-6600
      Glacial Energy 877-569-2841
      Hess Corp 800-437-7872
      Hudson Energy Services, LLC 877-HUDSON9
      IDT Energy, Inc. 877-887-6866
      Integrys Energy Services, Inc. 877-763-9977
      Liberty Power Holdings, LLC 866-POWER-99
      NextEra Energy Services NewJersey 800-882-1276
      Noble Americas Energy Solutions, LLC 877-2SEMPRA
      Palmco Power NJ, LLC 877-726-5862
      Pepco Energy Services, Inc. 800-ENERGY-9
      PP&L EnergyPlus, LLC 888-289-7693
      Public Power & Utility of New Jersey, LLC 888-354-4415
      Reliant Energy Northeast, NJ 877-297-3780
      South Jersey Energy 800-756-3749
      UGI Energy Services 800-427-8545
      Verde Energy USA, Inc 1-800-388-3862
      Viridian Energy PA, LLC 866-663-2508

    • EdNo Gravatar says:


      Glad to here your saving a little with Energy Plus. I have never seen so many complaints as of this year for an electric company. Maybe they are changing how they do things. The main thing to consider when switching to a new electric company is to make sure the rate is a fixed price. A variable price is subject to change at anytime and this is the cause of many people feeling ripped off when they sign up with a new provider because the rate will eventually go up in price on them.

  7. Flora ChoyNo Gravatar says:

    Just very simple, do not sign up Energy Plus! They tried to trick you and no be very specific on their offers! Customers end up paying also double for utilities. I consider myself lucky cause I only with them for 2 months and the rate was 15.5/kwh while others would be 8.9 or 9.9 and I signed up one for 9.5 fixed for one whole year!

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