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Oasis Energy Maryland

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 | Permalink

Oasis Energy has the philosophy that “the customer deserves peace of mind when it comes to their energy decisions.” With a mission to remain lean and efficient, Oasis Energy wants to insure that its customers are not lost in a sea of phone calls and a blur of names. They strive to have an unsurpassed customer service that is people oriented and express concern by acting quickly to figure out the correct solution to their customer’s problem.  Oasis Energy boasts of management with 25 years of experience. And with this experience they look to make the customers every experience worthwhile, cost effective, and worry free in order to reach their goal to provide competitive products at the best price.

Oasis Energy currently serves thousands in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York. Oasis Energy offers a 24 month variable rate contract.

When choosing a 24 month contract you will find that it will usually be a higher electric rate plan than what is available with 12 year and shorter term plans.

The reason you would sign up at a higher rate for a longer term is to insure your rate does not go up higher 24 months from now. Some people feel that in 24 months electric rates could take a dramatic jump up in price as the world demands more energy.

Other people have the opinion that the economy is faltering around the world even in China and that 2 years from now the price of electricity will be even less expensive. Based on your opinion the 24 month plan may be the right decision.

It is simply too hard for even the experts to tell you for sure which of these scenarios is likely to play out. If you do choose a long term plan however it is not the end of the world if you regret it later.

You can usually do a blend and extend contract if rates dramatically go down in price so although you are locked in there is some wiggle room.

North American Power MD

Saturday, April 16th, 2011 | Permalink

North American Power is new fighter in the ring of energy deregulation. North American Power was founded by energy gurus with 30 years of experience who are looking to make their impact in the fight for electricity supply by becoming the “brighter energy choice”. North American Powers mission is to find innovative ways to save their customers money while providing a cleaner energy option.

Currently North American Power is supplying electricity to 100,000 in the states of Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. North American Power customers will still receive their delivery service from past utility, only now with a lower rate from North American Power supply. If a customer is not satisfied with North American Powers rates, they are available to a hassle free cancellation. North American Power current rate is $0.095 per kWh.

One of North American Powers innovated green energy products are their Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs. RECs can be purchased with 25%, 50%, or 100% of your monthly electric use at a slightly higher rate than what is normally charged. RECs prove that 1 megawatt hour of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy source, thus helping to build a market for renewable electricity contributing to environmental sustainability.

NextEra Energy Maryland

Friday, April 15th, 2011 | Permalink

NextEra Energy Services follows the simple statement it makes on its website. “Payless for electricity” NextEra is a subsidiary of parent company, NextEra Resources. The company began in 2010 and operates in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., New Jersey and Delaware. NextEra Energy Services offers fixed rate contracts to protect the customer from future price raises.

The main appeal of this provider is for those in search of green energy for their electricity needs. The retail companies association with its parent company, NextEra Resources, gives its customers access to the largest generator of wind and sun renewable energy in North America. NextEra Resources has 85 wind facilities within 17 different states that produce enough electrical energy to power 2 million average households. And when it comes to solar power, they cannot get any better than co-owning the largest solar field which is located in the Mojave Desert in California.

Keep in mind that a green electricity plan is often times a virtual plan as you will likely not be using wind power in certain parts of the electric grid. In this situation NextEra likely uses renewable energy credits from their wind resources in other parts of the grid to visualize your green plan. In this situation some part of the state is cleaner for the energy produced there but if all you have in your area of the grid is coal power then you will still be getting coal power delivered over the electric lines to your house.

Horizon Power Light MD

Friday, April 15th, 2011 | Permalink

Horizon Power and Light’s goal is to make life a little bit easier, a little bit less worrisome for its customers. Horizon Power and Light provides electricity supply throughout the Northeast United States to over 14,000 customers in the states of Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island. Making the statement to its customers “More freedom, less worry” is Horizon Power and Lights way of saying that they have the tools to identify the most economical electricity plan for the customer’s circumstances. Innovative competitive pricing, guaranteed reliability, fixed rate contracts and multi-location billing are a few of the appealing aspects of that Horizon Power and Light.

Horizon Power and Light use their services of analysis, tailored proposals, top notch customer care, and regional expertise to make sure to identify the right fit plan for their customer. Utilizing these services, the people of Horizon Power and Light will take a copy of the customer’s bill from their current electricity provider, analyze it, make a few suggestions to their circumstances and then customize a plan of service that will save the customer costs to their Horizon Power and Light electrical bill.

Energy Plus MD

Friday, April 15th, 2011 | Permalink

Energy Plus began its innovative approach to energy supply in 2007 and since has grown to offer its services to almost 150,000 customers in 7 different states. What is Energy Plus’ innovative approach? Energy Plus makes claim to being the only energy supply company to offer rewards to its customers on a monthly basis, just for paying their electrical bill. Energy Plus’ mission is to offer competitive electricity rates, valuable rewards and excellent in –house customer service.

The rewards are based upon the amount the bill and that the customer stays up to date on the payment of the bill. There are 5 options of rewards that are offered:

Airline Miles/Points-       2 points per $1 of supply charge

Cash back-                          2% of yearly supply charge

Education reward-           3% of monthly supply charge

Hotel/Rail rewards

Retail rewards-                 2 points                per $1 of supply charge

Energy Plus uses only variable rate pricing that is based on a daily market price. Each individual day Energy Plus purchases electricity from the power markets of their different service areas. Thus, as the price fluctuates on a daily basis, so does the customers price rate. Energy Plus feels this will give its customers the best price over the long run while allowing them to collect their choice of a reward. Energy Plus reinforces their belief in the variable rate pricing with no long term contracts or no cancellation fee that usually accompany fixed rate pricing.

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