A Cancer Stricken Pottsboro Texas Electric Service Customer Left With No Electricity

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As an individual trying to move to Texas (though a Texas native), I am appalled at the manner i have been treated with regard to having electricity connected to my new home at 101 Gr… B…; Pottsboro, TX.  The prior owners of the property were to have the service (contract with “Champion Energy” transferred to me and the change of the service from the prior owners to me was to be scheduled on September 1, 2011.  Regardless, after the electricity was disconnected during the hottest part of the day, I had to drive to the nearby Tanglewood Resort and borrow a telephone and computer to determine the problem.  After 5.25 hours talking with “Anthony” of “Champion”, “Jesus” of “Billmatrix”, and 13 other employees of both concerns, I was still without electricity,  Please keep in mind I had gone through this exercise some three (3) weeks ago when i contracted for the property and everything was said to be in order, as far as the change of accounts.  Call after call, conference call after conference call resulted in the same dismal result…no customer “ten digit number”, because the confirmation number (256184) did not match an account in anybody’s system. While I do not understand the need for a deposit of $350.00 in the first place, my credit card company indicated the payment of two (2) deposits along with two (2) $7.95 “service” charges having been charged to the account given.


I tried repeatedly to explain I had insulin and other medications in the refrigerator needed for post chemotherapy and radiation therapy, let alone my intolerance of the heat given my medical condition, and no one, and I mean no one had any authority to override the system and  at the very least connect the electricity for 24 hours until we could come to some understanding – some resolution to the problem.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to direct movers in the heat, nowhere to escape from the inferno, knowing I had to do another infusion of medication that may have overheated which would have resulted in a painful death, and again no one seemed to be able to do anything.  (A small matter, considering everything else, but I had half a beef in a freezer which was quickly thawing.)


What in a person’s world tells people it is acceptable to let this sort of event happen, and worse, what in this world gives no one the ability to make an independent decision – outside the rules and regulations of a flipping’ computer?


Believe me, if I felt better, I would go into greater detail.  For instance, I asked several employees of Champion if someone came to the house to disconnect the electricity or was it done remotely.  Out of five persons with Champion, not one knew the answer.  If someone had to physically come to the house, how did he/she get by 9 mover-guys without notice and why wouldn’t he/she ask something about the situation?  What have we come to?


The bottom line is this:  I am going to have to drive to the nearest oncology facility to test my medications before infusing them.  God help you if anything, and I mean anything goes awry.


I am not in the position to put up with one more bureaucratic, mind-numbed idiot who knows nothing about the business for which he/she works making life and death decision based on a script handed him hours after he ./she was hired.


This rant covers about 10 minutes of the better part of the day’s frustrating “conversations” with totally mismanaged, inept, poorly directed, wholly unprepared persons.  I am certain they are fine people, but simply not up to the tasks to which they are designated to handle.  It is you, management,  responsible for making every opportunity your “front-line” people are equipped with the knowledge and authority to handle any problem that is presented!!!


Further, you do not know me and I do not pull strings, but you have disrespected and endangered the wrong person. If I am damaged any more than I have been at this point, there will be a day of reckoning, I assure you.  You and your organization have made my life and this move unbearable!


Mr. G.

What Happens to Electricity Deposits if the US Defaults?

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Lady with deposit issuesIf the US defaults, raises the debt ceiling and other such Armageddon type fork in the roads you will eventually see interest rates go up, people unable to buy homes, harder times qualifying for credit and other such problems.

As of right now the government has decided to raise the debt ceiling, print more money, and keep key interest rates at historical lows for at least another 2 years.

Credit standards are tough but not too bad compared with what could happen if things continue to get worse in the US economy.

The trend in the credit business has seen credit card companies reduce credit lines for even those with high credit scores simply to reduce their exposure to risk in a terrible economy.

When credit lines are reduced this causes the debt to credit line ratio to change for a consumer and makes a credit score number decline for that person.

So right now even those who have traditionally had good credit score numbers could see that number decline simply because their credit lines have been reduced.

When it comes to electricity deposits you will see the credit score criteria hit more people because of the change in credit lines which will cause higher deposit amounts being requested.

The sad news is that we cannot indefinitely continue to raise the debt ceiling as the governments solution has simply been to print more money. Seeing credit line decreases is one of many problems with the governments answer to the failing economy. At some point a politician must basically do political suicide and freeze the debt ceiling and begin paying off debt.

You see the US is diluting the money supply by printing more money with nothing backing its value. This fiat currency is devaluing the bond holders value in US Treasuries such as China’s large investment in US treasuries.

Basically the US is in a serious crisis and the citizens do not even realize it yet but they are beginning to as people with perfect credit are now being asked for deposits to have lights turned on.

If this ponzi scheme finally ends where money stops being printed and the debt ceiling is forever halted it will be very hard for a few years as the government contends with not receiving revenue they have been getting for their ever increasing budget year after year.

The debt ceiling was raised again and hopefully that will be the last time.  Even with a stop to government spending and debt accumulation there will be additional problems with interest rates going up, credit score criteria going up and yes that means your electricity deposit will be going up even more.

If you thought it was hard to get your lights turned on with no deposit in the past wait about 2 years from now and you will see that it is even harder and they will likely want more money.

There are still ways around the big deposit if your credit stinks and that is to look at prepaid electric companies. Below are some points to consider before choosing a prepaid company.

  • Does the company estimate your usage or do they use exact usage from an advanced meter?
  • Can you find multiple negative comments from prior customers on the internet?
  • Do they disclose what the per kilowatt rate is or do they only show the start up fee?
  • What is the companies rating with Public Utility Commission of Texas.


Constellation NewEnergy has bought Startex Power for $142.5 Million

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Startex Constellation buyoutConstellation NewEnergy has bought Startex Power in cash for $142.5 million to assist in getting them a strong presence in Texas. Startex Power has over 170,000 customers which will allow Constellation to gain a needed brand presence immediately among tens of thousands of customers.

Constellation does not plan to stop there as they will also be buying MXEnergy for $175 million. MXEnergy has over 540,000 electric and natural gas customers in the US and Canada.

A company like Constellation who is already a gigantic company should be able to handle these buyouts with little problem considering they recently began to merge companies with Exelon making the Startex and MXEnergy buyouts seem like a small side deal.

We have been offering Startex Power in our compare chart for several years but no longer provide their plans to our customers. Our decision was based on well researched information regarding many different factors and we believe it is in the best interest of our company and the customers we serve.

Why should I switch from TXU Energy?

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TXU Energy is a good electric company in Texas and I suspect you have had very little if no issue at all with them.

Texas has deregulated the electric utility market way back in 2002 and if you relocated to Texas you may have no idea of this fact.

In the North Texas area you will usually have electric service initially turned on under TXU Energy especially if it is a newly built home or business.

The reason you might want to switch is because you could be on a default variable electric rate with them that does not have the rate locked in for a period of time. This may mean you are paying more for your electricity than you really should be.

When on a month to month rate like this I would call your provider and see what available fixed electric rate offers they have.

Besides just calling TXU you might want to check on prices with several other electricity suppliers in the area.

There is a common misconception that this electric company was responsible for adding in the advanced meter charge on your electric bill. In reality they actually asked the PUCT to reconsider how the fee was applied as many people could end up with the false impression it was their idea. Considering that many electric meters installed in Texas still have the TXU logo and name it would be fair to believe some people would blame them for the advanced meter charge and in fact this is what has started to happen.

The big standard electric utility is not the enemy and no they are not the company that proposed or lobbied for this charge on everyone’s meter. To make all residents pay in advance for the meter before it was even installed was the Texas governments idea and it has had adverse effects on TXU’s business because of public perception that they are the company responsible for this.

Rather then get bogged down with having to pay the advanced meter fee and who to blame it is recommended to simply go out and shop and compare prices among the providers. All of these companies will be charging that same meter fee regardless of who you choose.

What can be confusing during this shopping process is seeing a “competitive” month to month electric rate and falling for the low price.

After the first month a variable rate like this will go up in price usually. To avoid this pitfall simply compare only fixed electricity prices with each other.

In summary TXU is a good Texas electric company but for many they are just the default electric company they are stuck with until they do their own shopping.

It is worth the small amount of time it takes to compare providers or have an energy consulting company compare prices for you.

You may also call one of our featured providers and most of them will go over your TXU Energy bill and price to see if you may receive any savings by switching to an alternate TX electric supplier.

BGE Electric Average Monthly Electric Bill from 2009 – 2012

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BGE ChartWe looked at the BGE Electric bill summary over the last few years and since 2009 there has been an 18% decline in the average BGE electricity bill.

The chart we looked at showed a clear graphical representation of how far a BGE electric bill dropped in dollar amounts.

As you can see in the chart back in 2009 – 2010 the average BGE electric bill was $158.

Moving to 2010 – 2011 the average BGE electric bill was $145.

The projected average electricity bill price for 2011 – 2012 is expected to be $129.

This drop in price can be attributed to the efficiencies created in a deregulated electric market and specifically a large part of the savings happen at the wholesale market level.

When choosing an alternate electric company in the BG&E electric utility area you will obviously experience a decline in price compared to previous years.

The electric deregulation process in the Maryland market has become confusing for BGE electric customers as the price they control is the transmission aspect of the price.

This utility continues to charge you for the pole and wires charges but encourages you to switch to competing electric companies in their electric utility service area in order to realize savings.

You can see what Baltimore electric suppliers are offering by going through a list of providers and calling each one or visiting their website. You may also use a comparison chart like the one we have available at the top right. We only compare commercial electricity suppliers at this time in Maryland.

The 18% overall decline in BGE Electric’s energy prices is nice and allows you to achieve energy savings from competing Baltimore electricity suppliers fighting to win your business.

We make the comparison process simple as our Baltimore energy consultants compare rates and create detailed charts showing you back to back electric rates from several suppliers.

You can sort these energy prices from the cheapest available offer to the most expensive and see how they compare against BGE and their projected decrease in the total electric bill cost for their customers.

To give you a better idea of the savings chart presented in this article consider that if a BG customer used 1,000 kWh of electricity per month and their electric bill was $129 than their per kilowatt hour rate would be 12.9 ¢.

Since we do not know what the per kilowatt rate and average monthly electric usage that BGE Electric is using we can only speculate as to what the price per kWh is that they used to create this chart.

To assist in comparing other retail electricity suppliers against BGE please use the compare tool at the top right to get started. Once you compare prices you can immediately order Baltimore electric service online.

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