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Maryland Electricity Prices and Deregulation

Monday, February 28th, 2011 | Permalink


When entering into the state of Maryland you have a little more choice in the relocating process. I am not just talking about choosing your own home or apartment but the ability pick a competitive electricity company.

In Maryland the political climate is very much against the deregulation of electricity because the regulated environment was in the power and control of the liberal politicians and they love to blame the free market for anything negative that may be happening.

In reality however there is nothing bad about electric choice in Maryland and most people see it as a positive. Since people don’t have to go with the same monopoly energy company every time they move to  a new place in Maryland they can pick from different types of electricity plans.

There are the fixed electric rate plans in Maryland, the short term variable plans, and the green energy choices. There are usually green energy choices for both fixed and variable electricity rate plans.

One of the most common types of Maryland electricity prices is the variable price. The variable rate price looks very good in the advertisement but usually spikes up after the first month.

Variable electricity prices are more about tricking you in and then giving a big sticker shock after you settle in. Because of the trickiness of variable electricity rate plans we recommend a fixed electricity price.

There are exceptions to going ahead and choosing a variable Maryland electricity price and that is when the variable price has a price ceiling.

A price ceiling simply means that the Maryland electricity price will not go up beyond a certain point but can go down in price.

You can shop around by using our Maryland electricity comparison chart to see and compare fixed electric rate plans as well as variable.

Some of our Maryland variable electric prices do in fact have a price ceiling so if you need something short term and don’t want to worry about price spikes definitely check these plans out.

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Protect yourself from scams when procuring electricity at 20 percent off

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When choosing a new electricity provider you want to get a discount electric rate but you also need to avoid the scams that are out there.

Some electricity suppliers hide their fees and charges so you think their rate is much less then it really is.

I  have looked at several contracts from electricity suppliers in Texas and they do not include Nodal and RUC charges as included items.

The NODAL and RUC charges shouldn’t be past through to the customer without their knowledge.

We bundle in all fees and charges in our electricity rate proposal to make it clear what the rates are from the different electricity suppliers competing for a commercial account.

In the same way our residential electric rates also have Nodal and RUC charges bundled into the electric rates in our comparison chart.

So don’t fall for one of the most common electricity scams in the book and that is the hiding of additional fees and charges while saying they their rate is 20 % cheaper than the competition.

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Southampton PA Electricity Suppliers and Rate Plans

Monday, February 21st, 2011 | Permalink


In Southampton PA the electricity service market is deregulated which allows energy consumers the ability to compare prices and search for plans that fit their situation.

You may remember prior to the electric service market being deregulated and rate caps expiring you had zero choice and simply paid your deposit with the monopoly utility in your area.

When you would sign up with the monopoly electric utility you didn’t have choices in regards to different rate plans and just had to take whatever they decided to charge you for that month.

Now that electric competition is in this area you can compare electricity rates from multiple energy suppliers and pick a plan that offers the most flexibility.

Take for instance the 6 month fixed rate plan. Instead of choosing a variable electricity price that can change each and every month a 6 month fixed offer will remain the same for the term of the contract.

Some home owners in Southampton PA know they will be at their house for at least a year and so a 12 month or 24 month fixed rate plan is ideal because you can be assured of price predictability during this time.

A good tip is to typically avoid choosing a variable rate plan as this is how some competing Southampton PA electricity suppliers have tricked unsuspecting electric rate shoppers into choosing a rate that looks cheaper than it really is.

Variable electricity rate prices in Southampton Pennsylvania can go up in price almost every month and it simply is not worth going with a 1st month teaser rate only to be stuck with a higher price later on down the road.

If you have further questions about the electric rates available for your business or home please fill out the sign up form above and an energy consultant will get right back with you.

Imagine one state fixing their power lines and passing the costs on to a neighboring state to foot the bill

Friday, February 18th, 2011 | Permalink

The great idea of the American experiment is our democratic republic. Each state acts separately from neighboring states and yet we are all still a part of the same nation.

Some states are more successful economically than another state and this is something that should be rewarded instead of hindered.

The socializing of America has been on the upswing the last couple of years and the politicians have tried very hard to make it seem normal to take from the rich and give to the poor.

The word poor is used loosely to refer to anybody that isn’t getting the exact same amount of success as yourself.

This transfer of wealth is occurring in the electricity utility markets and several more conservative leaning politicians are doing something about it.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a new rule that should be finalized this spring that will allow costs associated with upgrading electricity transmission lines, meters, and transformers to be spread out across neighboring states.

Even when an upgrade to electricity transmission lines will have no positive effect on a neighboring state the FERC will be able to enforce that the state help in paying for the upgrade costs in another state.

These state costs would have to pass-through to electricity rate payers. Just imagine if California upgraded their electric power transmission lines along the border of Oregon and Oregon was required to pay for some of these costs?

Oregon would have to raise their energy consumers electric rates because of something the state of California has done to their electric poles and wires.

This of course makes absolutely no sense but falls into more of the PR lunacy of socializing America and transferring wealth from the deserving to the undeserving.

If you have one state that has been making sacrifices for decades to stay on budget and to keep essential service costs low and you have another state that has so many government programs and even free doggy day care on every block who should have to pay for electricity transmission upgrades?

Oregon should tell California and the federal government to stay they heck out of their budget.

The ability to tell the federal government to stay out of my states electricity budget is in the works with a new bill called the “Electric Transmission Customer Protection Act”. This act would prevent this scenario by requiring the FERC to use a “measurable reliability or economic benefit” standard when spreading out these pole and wire charges across state lines.

You just should not be allowed to spread out costs on transmission lines from states that are benefiting over to states that get no benefit from the upgrades.

This new act is being introduced into the legislature by Bob Corker a Republican from Tennessee, Ron Wyden a Democrat from Oregon and several other politicians. The bill shows a lot of promise for passing and much bipartisan support.

Today in Allentown PA a natural gas explosion killed local downtown residents

Thursday, February 10th, 2011 | Permalink

In Allentown PA today a natural gas explosion devastated some houses and killed residents. The explosion was dramatic in that TV’s and furniture were blown through walls and windows.

5 people besides the one confirmed killed are missing. During the winter natural gas is relied upon to heat homes as well as create electricity during peak demand periods in the day.

Coal power plants combined with natural gas power generation assist in not only heating homes but keeping the lights on.

Allentown PA electricity power plants have more safety measures and controls to prevent devastating explosions in their facilities but in old downtown neighborhoods pipes get rusty, corroded and leaks occur.

Unfortunately this happened although it is rare and reminds me of a story my mom told me once regarding a similar explosion that happened to her family in the 50’s.

My mom and her family were thankfully away at the hardware store when a natural gas explosion in their home completely obliterated their house.

These energy utility related catastrophes will hopefully get the utility company in Allentown PA on their toes to make sure all of their equipment is updated and repaired and prevent future occurrences.

People in Allentown will continue using natural gas and electricity to heat their homes and this accident shouldn’t cause a serious short fall in gas supply to the power plants in the area during the cold snap.

We pray for the families who have lost loved ones during this time and we hope the utilities and authorities can use this to prevent potential future explosions.


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