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No Deposit Electricity Choice in PA

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No deposit electricity choice in PA does not just offer choices on rate plans and price but also choice regarding deposit.

Pretty much all electricity suppliers will want a deposit and they determine this based on a credit check run on your social security number.

Many people for different reasons do not want a credit check run and want to avoid paying a deposit altogether.

Electricity deposits in PA are usually anywhere from $200 – $500 depending on how your credit score is.

Even what I would consider a good credit score will often be asked for a deposit by a PA electricity supplier.

The statistics tell no lies and below a certain score number the default rate on an electric bill is over 50% so of course electricity companies will ask you for a deposit.

Not too long in the distant past I have even been asked for a deposit by an electricity company even though I felt like I had a decent credit score.

I paid up but now there are other choices out there like No Deposit electric companies and prepaid electricity providers.

When choosing a prepaid PA electricity company be sure to go with one that reads your electricity usage with a real time smart meter device.

The prepaid electric company in PA that uses the smart meter will charge you for actual electric usage rather than estimated.

Unfortunately many prepaid electric companies in PA come and go out of business and so you don’t want to pay estimated usage with the promise to true up real time usage once you accumulate it.

Prepaid electric companies that us estimated usage promise to true up the charges once real time data comes in. If you do not have a smart meter the prepay electric company may wait a year before trying to true up your charges.

In a years time many prepaid electricity suppliers in PA that use estimated usage may have overcharged their customers by millions of dollars.

What has happened in states like Texas is that the electricity supplier will write really big executive salaries and bonuses at the end of the year, close up shop, and leave the state.

These prepay electric companies show their true nature of being nothing but a scam operation when they never pay back their customers for over charges.

It is important for this reason to pick a prepaid PA electricity company that uses real time meter data as you will only be charged for actual electricity usage without the risk of overcharging.

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Penelec is an electricity company in Pennsylvania and offers the primary service of delivering electricity to homes and businesses over the poles and wires they own in their service territory.

If you move into a new home or business facility in the Penelec service territory and choose not to compare electric rates you will by default be on their electric rate they offer called the “rate to compare”

The rate to compare is often higher in price than competitive offers available by competing electricity companies in their service territory but not always. Because you can usually get a cheaper electricity rate when comparing their price with other energy companies it is worth choosing an alternate electric supplier in PA.

The advertised electricity rates in PA should bundle in all fees and charges including GRT (Gross Receipts Tax), transmission and generation charges.

When visiting the First Energy Penelec website they do not offer any clear chart that shows their electricity rate plans as they primarily advertise their electric distribution business.

The retail electricity side of their business is called First Energy Solutions and is a separate division of the company. Penelec cannot show any price discounts or favoritism to their retail side called First Energy or face government penalty.

The only rate plan you will find on their site is the “rate to compare” as listed on a pdf file. The file lists the retail electricity providers electric rate for residential customers, business, and a few other rate classes.

There are not many rate plan choices available through Penelec but just single solitary rates based on the rate class your in.

Popular Penelec Electric Service Territory

Penelec operates in these popular service territories: McKean PA, Huntingdon PA, Tyrone PA, Clearfield PA, Carrolltown PA, Philipsburg PA, Franklin PA, Martinsburg PA, Ebensburg PA, State College PA, Bellefonte PA, Altoona PA, Lewistown PA, Northern Cambria Pennsylvania, Mansfeld PA, Troy, Towanda, Alba, and Canton.

In summary because your limited in regards to rate plans and choice when staying on the default electric rate they offer it is worth shopping around and comparing other offers.

Some of the larger cities in the Penelec service territory area are Clearfield, Reynoldsville, Curwensville, Philipsburg, Bellefonte, Park Forest, Altoona, Patton, and Portage.

If you still have questions after comparing electric rates from energy suppliers competing in this utility area please sign up to learn more using the box at the top right.

Energy Plus Texas

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Energy Plus uses a very unique but effective way of advertising and bringing on new customers and one of these ways is the Best Buy Rewards Zone program. I received a letter in the mail from Best Buy to sign up on a competitive electric rate with Energy Plus.

Since I was happy with my current electric company I did not switch but I thought it was interesting that Best Buy partnered with an electric company and so I read the whole sales letter.

This electricity supplier could probably sign up all the electricity customers they need in Texas by utilizing the customer base of the Reward Zone program as there seems to be a Best Buy in almost every large city.

The Rewards Program is something most people sign up almost by default when purchasing something from Best Buy and once you lose your card they simply ask you for your telephone number to track your purchases and give you discounts.

To be honest I never use my Reward Zone points because they are too limited as to what I can use them for and they focus on coming into the store on special days. I would rather come in to the store when I please to use my Reward Zone points.

By signing up with Energy Plus Texas I believe you would be rewarded with Best Buy Reward Zone points but there again this held no appeal to me because of the rules and guidelines of the Reward Zone program.

This energy provider has been getting more bad press than I have seen in quite some time and it seems to be coming from the Best Buy Reward Zone customers and the UPromise student loan program.

These customers signed up for Texas electricity service from Energy Plus expecting a much more competitive electric rate over their current energy company.

The variable electric rate they signed up for is subject to change in price each month as is the case with any variable electricity price you choose with any of the 30 or so Texas electric companies out there.

For some reason the customers must not have had their expectations and understanding of the electric rate with this electric company set right as I have read over 50 different negative comments on this company on multiple forums, websites, and consumer watchdog sites.

Sprinkled in smaller number are some positive comments about Energy Plus Texas and although the bad press is there I can’t help but think this is all simply a big misunderstanding about what a variable electricity rate is.

When choosing an electricity company like Energy Plus look at the variable electric rate plan and understand it but also consider a fixed electricity rate plan with them.

Fixed electricity rates do not change in price for the entire term of the contract. If you like you can come back here and compare Energy Plus’ fixed electric rates with some of the fixed rates on our comparison chart.

A comparison with other TX electricity companies will give you some idea of how competitive the electric rate is you are considering.

Ambit Energy Electricity Supplier

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Ambit Energy is a large and growing electricity supplier operating in Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois. This electric supplier operates using both traditional and non-traditional electricity marketing practices.

The non-traditional methods are effective and done according to ethical industry standard practices. Ambit Energy is a part of a multi-level-marketing self policing organization to insure they do not fall under a pyramid scam type of classification.

Like Mary Kay or Amway Ambit Energy offers an opportunity as well as buying electric service through their company. By utilizing the force of direct sales through multi-level marketing they take away the risk involved in spending millions of dollars on advertising.

Each sales rep that joins the Ambit organization takes on the marketing costs and risks associated with online marketing and network marketing.

Ambit Energy electricity supplier is then left with the work involved in creating competitive pricing plans, billing, and customer service.

Ambit Energy has a close competitor in the market place known as Ignite Energy who does not allow their energy representatives to market online.

Ambit Energy is a little different in that although their compensation plan is similar to Ignite’s they allow their people to market their electric service online.

These days using an MLM business model is becoming the norm rather than being all that unique as traditional electric companies like Spark Energy and Green Mountain Energy have incorporated the MLM model as another way to attract new electric customers.

Whether you procure energy through a  friend or family member that is involved with Ambit Energy or buy it online you are getting quality electric service from a seasoned energy supplier that sales both directly and through an MLM sales force channel.

You can order Ambit Energy online if you live in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, or Illinois.

Severn MD Electricity Suppliers and How to Compare Electric Rates

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The best way to compare electric rates in Severn MD is to break down rate plans from multiple electricity suppliers based on “fixed” and “variable”

If I could give you an even clearer consideration point it would be to just compare fixed electricity rate offers.

A variable rate plan has many problems and is the main culprit of why customers can end up paying more for electricity service after a market has been deregulated than before.

The problem with variable MD electricity prices is that they all have their own initial teaser rate that is subject to change anywhere from 1 week to 1 month after you sign up with the MD electricity supplier offering that rate.

At first a variable electricity ate in Severn MD may look extremely tempting and competitive compared to fixed rate offers by other competing electric companies.

The issue is that the energy companies offering the teaser rates are not trying to get you for the long haul but only for a year at the most so they can spike the price of your electricity over several months and take you for as much as they can.

Of course not all variable electric rates in Severn MD fall into the scam category as some are legitimate and have the well being of the customer considered.

The disreputable electric companies in MD genuinely try to scam the public and see electricity deregulation as an opportunity to take advantage of confused customers that do not understand that a cheap variable price is not a guaranteed rate.

When customers that get burned by these electric companies leave and sign up with a different electric company it is no sweat to that company as their business model is based on the fact that there are many more people (suckers) where that person came from.

In conclusion be sure to compare fixed MD electricity rate offers and don’t go with the first low price variable electric rate you see as it may be nothing more then a 1 month promotional offer.

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