Pennsylvania is a deregulated electricity market which means consumers and commercial and industrial business have a choice in who they choose to be their electricity supplier.

The Electric utility areas opened up in Pennsylvania for competition are: Allegheny Power, Citizens Electric Company, Duquesne Light Company, Met-Ed (formerly GPU Energy), PECO Energy, Penelec (formerly GPU Energy), Penn Power, Pike County Light and Power, PPL Electric Utilities, UGI Electric Utility, and Wellsboro Electric Company.

We recommend using an energy consulting company to facilitate the price down among many competing electric companies that service the deregulated market of Pennsylvania. You can also go out shopping electric companies yourself. The easiest way to do this if you want to handle the comparison of prices on your own is to go to electric utility’s website in your area and look for their customer choice page. On the choice page you will find a list of suppliers that sell electricity in that area. Some areas will have several providers while others may only have a few.

It is recommended to use an energy consulting company simply because they assist in getting prices down among the competing suppliers because the energy providers know that a consulting company is going out to all of them to find the best deal. There isn’t any wheeling and dealing that goes on when providers work with consultants as they know we are looking for the best price and can’t be talked into something as a direct customer often times is.

If you have a specific energy consulting question about your electric bill or the shopping process in general please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Al BarnesNo Gravatar says:

    I am an electrician that is working on a Met Ed customer’s residential service and we have put a conduit through a roof and need to know the minimum height required by you to rehook the service onto. The service drop presently doesn’t meet the 12′ minimum in the middle of the span but was high enough at the house but we’ve presently got approximately 2′ above the roof.

    • adminNo Gravatar says:


      You would need to contact the Met Ed utility and speak to one of their code guys. Call this number and explain your situation and they can route you to the right people. 1-888-LIGHTSS

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