Texas has been deregulated since 2002 and a vast majority of both homes and businesses have chosen an alternate electricity service supplier.

The industry jargon used in Texas is actually electricity provider or electricity company but regardless of what you may call your energy company the fact is there are over 30 to choose from in the Texas deregulated electricity market.

Some of the major cities in Texas that are deregulated are Houston, Dallas, Wichita Falls, McKinney, Arlington, Irving, Tyler, Corpus Christi and Addison.

There are quite a few more cities in Texas that have the power to choose a competitive electricity supplier but these are some of the larger cities where a majority of both commercial and industrial businesses as well as residential homes have switched providers.

There are 5 different monopoly utility areas that have been deregulated in Texas. These utilities still own and control the transmission and delivery of the electricity that travels along the wires to your home or business.

These Texas electric utilities are:

  • AEP Texas North
  • AEP Texas Central – Corpus Christi area
  • Centerpoint Energy – Houston area
  • Oncor Electric Delivery – Dallas Fort Worth area
  • Texas New Mexico Power Company


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