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How Allegheny Power Electric Utility Area Consumers Should Shop For Providers

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 | Permalink

Below is a list of the retail commercial suppliers in Pennsylvania that are available to bid on your business electric usage in the Allegheny Utility Area. You may call any of them separately and receive bids or you may choose to work with a broker or energy consulting company.

Some energy consultants use a reverse auction process which offers an unbiased way of getting prices. Other brokers may call themselves consultants but may be an independent contractor for one or two electric companies. You will never get an accurate comparison when dealing with brokers that are simply working for a provider.

When going through a reverse auction process each provider submits their best offers based on historical or estimated electric usage. If your Pennsylvania business has been around for awhile and has historical data this will allow for a more competitive bidding process as the electricity suppliers will have some data to go on.

If you are a new business the electric suppliers will have to work with estimated usage and you may receive some competitive bids from some electric companies while others may decline to bid completely because of the risk associated with taking on a business with no historical electric usage.

In summary, it isn’t all that hard to shop providers on your own without the help of a consultant or broker. Below you have the providers and numbers of some popular companies in the Allegheny area. The main considerations should simply be to go over the terms of service in each providers contract to verify there are no additional fees beyond what the advertised rate is. You may want to specifically ask the energy companies in an assuming way, “what additional charges can I expect on top of the advertised rate?”. If you keep getting the run around with suppliers and you end up looking through more than a couple terms of service because the providers are saying additional fees may apply then possibly consider letting an energy consulting company help you out. Most consulting companies have all the ins and outs of the contracts worked out and negotiated for their customers and can direct you away from agreements that do not favor the customer.

Affiliated Power Purchasers, Inc. (APPI)
Allegheny Energy Supply Company LLC
FirstEnergy Solutions
Residential: 877-524-7283 Commerical: 800-977-0500
OnDemand Energy Solutions
Pepco Energy Services
PPL EnergyPlus, LLC
Richards’ Energy Group
Direct Energy
GDF SUEZ Energy Resources
(866) 999-8374 (Toll Free)
Premier Power Solutions LLC
Sempra Energy Solutions LLC
Taylor Consulting and Contracting LLC
570-414-0880 or 877-237-9936; Fax 570-414-0884
Champion Energy Services LLC
UtiliTech Inc.
Commercial Utility Consultants Inc.
Chrislynn Energy Services Inc.
Utility Rates Analysts
Palmco Power PA LLC
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