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Allentown PA electricity suppliers and rate comparison

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A good Allentown PA electricity supplier will take the time to bundle in all fees and charges into your rate so you know the total charges you will see on your electric bill.

A few electricity companies have become proficient in sneaking in additional fees and charges by hiding them in the terms of service of the contract and other nonsense.

Our energy consultants in Allentown take the time to put your commercial and industrial electric usage through a reverse auction.

The electricity companies that serve Allentown PA are not all out to get you so I want to avoid lumping them together as all bad apples.

There are some honest and ethically run energy suppliers in Allentown but you still need a customer advocate that can work the margins down among these providers.

What we do as your energy consultant is go out to several competitive electricity suppliers in the area and have them bid on your commercial account.

We are not a shill company acting as some type of sales rep for 1 or two electricity suppliers. There are many energy brokers out there that are basically nothing more than outsourced salesmen for one company.

When we represent ourselves as YOUR energy consultant we actually mean it and our transparent reverse auction process that works these electricity providers rates down proves it.

Once all electric rate bids are in we create a detailed proposal showing you the electric companies that won your bid and the different products and terms available.

The comparison in the proposal is presented in an apples to apples comparison with bottom line savings in dollar amounts and percentages.

More advanced pricing strategies for large industrial and commercial businesses are also included when necessary in this proposal.

An energy consultant will call you to go over the proposal and consult you on the best choice based on how your company uses electricity and how long price stability needs to be insured at a certain budgeted amount.

If you would like to work with an energy consultant regarding finding the best rate in this area please use our sign up form above.

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