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Ambit Energy Electricity Supplier

Monday, March 21st, 2011 | Permalink

Ambit Energy is a large and growing electricity supplier operating in Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois. This electric supplier operates using both traditional and non-traditional electricity marketing practices.

The non-traditional methods are effective and done according to ethical industry standard practices. Ambit Energy is a part of a multi-level-marketing self policing organization to insure they do not fall under a pyramid scam type of classification.

Like Mary Kay or Amway Ambit Energy offers an opportunity as well as buying electric service through their company. By utilizing the force of direct sales through multi-level marketing they take away the risk involved in spending millions of dollars on advertising.

Each sales rep that joins the Ambit organization takes on the marketing costs and risks associated with online marketing and network marketing.

Ambit Energy electricity supplier is then left with the work involved in creating competitive pricing plans, billing, and customer service.

Ambit Energy has a close competitor in the market place known as Ignite Energy who does not allow their energy representatives to market online.

Ambit Energy is a little different in that although their compensation plan is similar to Ignite’s they allow their people to market their electric service online.

These days using an MLM business model is becoming the norm rather than being all that unique as traditional electric companies like Spark Energy and Green Mountain Energy have incorporated the MLM model as another way to attract new electric customers.

Whether you procure energy through a  friend or family member that is involved with Ambit Energy or buy it online you are getting quality electric service from a seasoned energy supplier that sales both directly and through an MLM sales force channel.

You can order Ambit Energy online if you live in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, or Illinois.

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