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Bethlehem PA electricity suppliers and rate comparison

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 | Permalink

The shopping process involved in finding commercial electricity providers for a PA business is confusing if for no other reason then the vague nature of the terms of service in many energy contracts.

Commercial and industrial electricity contracts presented to a Bethlehem PA business many times have certain energy legal jargon in the contract that is hard to understand and for the business to determine if the provider is trying to sneak something by.

Rather than deal with trying to determine which electricity companies in PA are honest and offer straight forward pricing we recommend using our reverse auction process.

We will take your commercial or industrial electric usage out to multiple electricity suppliers selling retail electric service in this area.

These electricity companies compete against each other for your business while we act on your behalf as your energy consultant.

We work the rates down in price as the electricity providers bids come in.

We also take time to have our attorneys go over the energy contracts from the different providers and make sure they are not hiding fees and charges in the terms of service of the contract.

Once all electricity rates are in we create a proposal that shows you the cheapest electricity suppliers in the Bethlehem area that have bid on your account.

The electricity rates proposal offers dollars and percentages in a clear straight forward apples to apples comparison.

Our energy consultants go over the prices and PA electricity companies in the proposal and assist in getting you signed up with the best provider of your choice.

Sign up using the form on the top right and an energy consultant would be glad to help you determine the best option for your situation. You may also prefer to sign up right away with one of the featured providers on this site.

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