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Chicago Illinois Electric Rates and Comparison

Friday, March 4th, 2011 | Permalink


Chicago provides nice options for those wanting something other than the typical monopoly electric utility in the city.

The benefits and value of choosing an alternate Chicago electric provider have to do with the flexibility and choices given.

For instance, you can compare fixed rate plans which are generally 12 month fixed in price or longer.

A fixed Chicago Illinois electricity rate plan offers an easy way to compare between electric companies on price because you know upfront what the rate will be all year long.

There are also short term offers that are called variable electricity rates or plans.

A variable rate is good for some people and for certain reasons. If you simply want to try out a Chicago Illinois electricity supplier a short term variable rate plan offers a no commitment contract so if you don’t like the energy company you can simply drop them.

The bad aspect to going with a variable price is simply that there is no assurance as to what the electricity company in Illinois might do to your price after the first month.

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In fact some Illinois electricity companies will not even honor the variable electric price in their advertisement and because of these issues a variable rate offers more problems then help for most customers.

For commercial energy customers in Illinois there are spot market variable electric rates that do follow a market that can be tracked and in this situation it is sometimes a good thing to go with a variable rate plan.

Depending on how your energy consultant helps you in hedging against price fluctuations while on a commercial electric rate that can change you can benefit from a variable price.

Without proper hedging strategies a large industrial or commercial business in Chicago Illinois can get burned. The less risky way to go is always going to be a fixed electric rate because the risk is built in and fixed into the rate.

Variable electricity rates should only be used with proper energy consulting advice and a clear apples to apples comparison with electricity companies that use similar terms and conditions in regards to their variable prices.

You can speak with a Chicago Illinois electricity supplier or energy consultant to learn more about your choices and begin this process by filling out the sign up form above.

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