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Electricity Suppliers in Pennsylvania offer different rate plans

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 | Permalink


When shopping for electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania pay attention to the rate plans. Each electricity supplier will offer something a little different.

You will find similarities among the suppliers for certain rate plans like the 12 month fixed electricity plan. The 12 month plan seems to be the standard although you can sometimes get some good deals by looking at other plans available in the market.

By going through a reverse auction if your a business you can get these Pennsylvania electricity suppliers to put in bids for various electricity plans in order to win your business.

Other electricity providers put in their bids using your historical or estimated electricity usage and the rates go down in price as they compete to win.

An energy consulting company facilitates the prices down as the rates come in from multiple electricity suppliers in PA.

A good suppliers comparison and proposal will show back to back fixed rate offers and the same for variable rates.

The critical component to looking at an electricity rate proposal is to verify there is no customer shaping going on.

Where the proposal is merely a marketing tactic to get you to sign up with a preferred provider you are dealing with shaping.

Although you may see a list of variable prices in an apples to apples chart keep in mind that the first and cheapest provider in the list may hike that rate up after the first month.

The provider at the top of the list of rate plans could be there on purpose simply to convince you to sign up with them even though other provider rate plans may be much better over the long term.

To avoid the potential for falling for a plan that is purposefully deceptive we recommend speaking to an energy consulting company that can advise you on why one plan is better over a another plan with a different price.

Unfortunately the price of a plan does not always tell you the whole picture. If you would like an easy do it yourself step please be sure to review the terms of service and facts label of each plan and look for the potential of a price increase in the short term.

A provider will differentiate themselves from the competition by having a cheap price on at least one specific plan compared to the rest.

Just because that one plan is the cheapest for that particular term compared to everyone else still go ahead and review the terms of service to make sure all fees and charges are included in that price.

List of Pennsylvania Electricity Utilities

The companies listed below provide transmission and generation services but not all offer electricity service to sale. Now that Pennsylvania has deregulated their electricity market you may pick from alternate electric suppliers in your area that may have cheaper rates compared to the old monopoly electric utility companies in PA.

Within each electric utility area will be a list of retail electricity suppliers that can offer you a quote on your electricity account. Some only sell residential electricity while others focus on commercial and industrial electricity usage accounts in Pennsylvania.

  • Allegheny Power
  • Citizens Electric Company
  • Duquesne Light Company
  • Met-Ed (formerly GPU Energy)
  • PECO Energy
  • Penelec (formerly GPU Energy)
  • Penn Power
  • Pike County Light and Power
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • UGI
  • Wellsboro Electric Company
Electricity Suppliers