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Connecticut Electricity Suppliers

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 | Permalink

In Connecticut you have the power to choose a competitive electricity supplier. Because the electric utility market in CT is deregulated you can shop and compare electric rates from multiple energy suppliers.

Over 550,000 people in CT have switched to a competitive residential or commercial electricity supplier. The customers that have switched make up around 36% of energy consumers.

The CT electric service customers that switched to an alternate electricity supplier use about 64% of the states electricity. Why would the largest users of electricity in CT change to a competing electric supplier?

The reason these residential and commercial electricity customers have switched is simply because they were able to save money by choosing a cheaper electricity rate.

You no longer have to stay with Connecticut Light and Power but can choose from very large well established energy companies that have opened up in CT after deregulation.

Many of these competing electricity companies are old electric utilities that have been operating in other states and other areas of CT for decades.

These new electricity providers selling you electric service can bid on your account in a reverse auction. Our energy consultants send these bids through and facilitate the rates down in price.

Once all rates are in we create a detailed electricity supplier proposal showing you apples to apples comparisons of electricity companies and rate plans.

You can review the proposal and choose the cheapest commercial or industrial rate in the proposal.

To get a detailed personally created proposal showing you competing provier bids for your business please fill in your name and email in the form at the top right.

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