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Dallas Electricity Suppliers Offering Bait and Switch Plans

Friday, April 29th, 2011 | Permalink

Hello Dallas Texas re-locators and just those shopping for a good electricity rate. We want to offer you some good tips for finding the right electricity supplier and rate plan in the Dallas TX area.

Pay attention as your electricity rate could be a bait and switch rate plan that jacks up the price after the first month. We want to give you some solid information to prevent Dallas consumers like yourself from falling for some of these bad electricity plans.

The problem for most people is that they look for the rate that seems to be the most competitive. For providers it is very easy for them to make the most expensive electricity rate look as though it is the cheapest.

This rate manipulation is done by the suppliers offering a very low priced variable electric rate that is usually good for the first month only. After the first month you might see a price spike with your energy company. Sometimes the supplier that offers this plan will raise your rate a little slower over the course of several months but either way they are pulling one over on you.

We have even had a supplier ask us not to disclose to the public about their scheme of slowly creeping up their price on people after they were caught. Of course we exposed them as well as removed them from our website as soon as we found this out.

The solution to this problem is to never go with a 1 month variable rate plan in Dallas Texas. Yes, some electric companies offer these plans and keep their rate somewhat competitive but you have no guarantee of this.

Rather than choose the variable plan compare multiple fixed electricity rate offers in Dallas. By looking at these long term plans you can accurately see what the cost really is from many companies without worrying about little gimmicks here and there.

You can compare providers on your own but be sure to look through the terms of service with each contract and ask the providers if there will be any additional fees on top of what they quote you irregardless if they are passing them through. Each electric company has different terms of service that goes along with their rate plan and sorting this all out can make it difficult to do an accurate apples to apples comparison.

In situations where you have bad credit you may be asked for a deposit. In this situation you may have to call to pay a deposit amount but beyond this there are no additional steps in getting those lights turned on.

Once you have ordered electric service your Dallas electricity supplier will send you a bill each month. If there is a power outage there will be a number on each bill with the outage number to call. In Dallas the electricity power company that handles outages is Oncor Electric Delivery although they do not sell electric service but instead only manage the pole and wires infrastructure.

Prior to your contract end date your chosen electric company will send you a reminder to renew your electric contract. You may renew with your current electric company or go out shopping again.

You may prefer to use a broker or energy consultant. The benefit of using a Dallas energy consultancy is the unbiased nature of a comparison that shoots for the bottom line consideration for most people, PRICE.

You get a customer advocate rather than an electricity sales guy working for a single electric supplier. Don’t be fooled as some consultanting companies are simply brokers working for 1 – 3 providers and are more of an independent sales outfit for as little as one provider.

When calling an energy consultant rather than a pizza guy support person sometimes outsourced from another country you get a real expert.

A Dallas energy consulting company should be run ethically and with a company culture that not only treats customers right but also the energy professionals who will be talking to you if you decide to call.

With an online comparison chart created by a consulting company you can spend just a few seconds comparing and finding the lowest price rather than spending hours sifting through contract details and rate plans.

Before using an online chart consider that some charts are built to shape customers to a certain preferred provider. Always be aware that the providers in the top 3 spots in a chart may not always be the cheapest on some of these charts.

Sometimes it is more important to look for trusted providers with a good score with existing customers even if you pay a little more just to avoid possible problems or tricks later.

The time saving value of using a consultant to do your research will give you the bonus of doing something else with your time such as moving your furniture into your house if your relocating or simply spending a little more time with your family.

Most often a consulting company can find you a Dallas electric price without a hidden cost. If you do not use a service like this you will likely spend a lot more time on the computer so I encourage you to allow a consultant to get you those bottom line dollar saving numbers for you.

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