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Is Electricity Power the new clean energy?

Monday, January 17th, 2011 | Permalink

A new energy news topic has been sweeping through the papers and news outlets, and I now see it in TV commercials regarding electric powered cars.

Is electricity power really the new clean energy? Well the argument could be supported in regards to if that electric car will pollute the city it is in.

Since the electric powered car does not spew out any pollution from the exhaust beyond hot air it can be supported that the car will b much cleaner for the environment it is driving in.

But my questions is this, what about all the towns and cities that have large industrial coal fired power plants, natural gas power plants, nuclear plants, hydro, biomass power plants and others?

These small towns out in nature sometimes will be spewing forth pollution from all of the cars using a secondary power source. You see the electricity that comes from your homes wall didn’t just arrive there from the electricity fairy.

The electric power you get at your house that travels over the power lines resulted from a large power plant burning coal, natural gas, ad other raw materials to produce electricity.

You pay your retail electricity provider for this power to power an electric car. Gasoline is burning efficiently in newer cars and it is a 1 to 1 ratio. Electric power is created by burning similar oil based fuels but it is not immediately powering anything accept the large turbines in power plants that create your electricity power.

A power plant is much more inefficient because it is creating convenient power to allow electric car people like some of my readers might be to have the ability to plug their cars into their electric socket at their house.

You are right in that your city might become a cleaner city but you are certainly not greening the planet by driving an electric powered car.

You can also expect for higher demand for electricity power which will lead to much higher electricity rates for the poor people in your town.

You may drive around feeling good about your electric car but you could be the reason someone gives most of their paycheck to their retail electricity provider.

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