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Compare Electricity Suppliers

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 | Permalink

The ability to compare electricity suppliers can help in lowering your electricity costs for businesses and residential electric service customers a like.

The issue that crops up with both types of energy customers has to do with correctly bundling in all fees and charges in advertised rates you see on TV, print ads, or hear on the radio.

Many energy companies do not want to show you their real rate because they know it won’t look that good compared to the competition. Some providers have perfected the art of selling you a horrible priced electricity agreement while making it look better than everyone else’s.

Some of these dishonest providers will use state regulation laws as a way to legally hide fees and charges and capitalize on customer confusion. The big idea here is that many of us out their shopping have real confusion when it comes to deciphering one price from another and some of these providers are more then aware of this.

Although many of these hidden fee tactics may be legal it doesn’t mean it is right and in fact if one customer can prove that an electricity supplier intentionally fashioned their rate in such a way to deceive their customers it could mean a class action lawsuit.

Even with the threat of things like class action you will still see electricity suppliers enter markets in places like Texas, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and hide fees intentionally.

What we attempt to do here at Electricity Suppliers is to bundle all fees and charges into the electricity rates you see in our detailed electricity proposals we send our customers.

Our energy consultants spend one on one time with each an every commercial account we work on. We work the rates down as they come in from each provider and display a proposal that shows all fees rather than attempting to hide a fee.

You will see rates and electricity prices and plans from multiple electric suppliers. The rates have things like ancillary charges, TDSP charges, transmission and distribution fees all bundled into the electric rate.

Fixed rates are compared against other fixed rates in the comparison proposal to make it an easy apples to apples comparison process.

There is also a section to compare electric suppliers that offer variable rates. On the variable rate area you can compare only variable rate plans with multiple electricity companies.

Unfortunately when comparing variable prices there is only so much a company like ours can do to present a fair and accurate comparison.

Several electricity suppliers will have a hook on their variable price in the form of a really good initial price. The first month is used to get people to choose the plan because it looks like the cheapest but after that first month they can do anything as you did not sign a term length contract.

This very low price hooks customers in but because it is a variable rate it has no guarantee of staying the same price.

Variable rates can dramatically go up any month there is a significant spike in energy commodities, spot markets, or even at the whim of the electricity provider themselves.

Usually the electricity provider will not raise your variable electric rate plan price on a month when energy markets are down in price but some will attempt to slowly raise your rate over time regardless of what the energy markets are doing.

Rather than choosing a changing variable electricity price we recommend going with a fixed rate plan. Our energy consultants would be glad to go over this strategy in more detail.

To speak with one of our consultants and see a detailed proposal of electricity prices from multiple providers for either home or business we need your name and email. Please sign up at the top right to begin.

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