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Imagine one state fixing their power lines and passing the costs on to a neighboring state to foot the bill

Friday, February 18th, 2011 | Permalink

The great idea of the American experiment is our democratic republic. Each state acts separately from neighboring states and yet we are all still a part of the same nation.

Some states are more successful economically than another state and this is something that should be rewarded instead of hindered.

The socializing of America has been on the upswing the last couple of years and the politicians have tried very hard to make it seem normal to take from the rich and give to the poor.

The word poor is used loosely to refer to anybody that isn’t getting the exact same amount of success as yourself.

This transfer of wealth is occurring in the electricity utility markets and several more conservative leaning politicians are doing something about it.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a new rule that should be finalized this spring that will allow costs associated with upgrading electricity transmission lines, meters, and transformers to be spread out across neighboring states.

Even when an upgrade to electricity transmission lines will have no positive effect on a neighboring state the FERC will be able to enforce that the state help in paying for the upgrade costs in another state.

These state costs would have to pass-through to electricity rate payers. Just imagine if California upgraded their electric power transmission lines along the border of Oregon and Oregon was required to pay for some of these costs?

Oregon would have to raise their energy consumers electric rates because of something the state of California has done to their electric poles and wires.

This of course makes absolutely no sense but falls into more of the PR lunacy of socializing America and transferring wealth from the deserving to the undeserving.

If you have one state that has been making sacrifices for decades to stay on budget and to keep essential service costs low and you have another state that has so many government programs and even free doggy day care on every block who should have to pay for electricity transmission upgrades?

Oregon should tell California and the federal government to stay they heck out of their budget.

The ability to tell the federal government to stay out of my states electricity budget is in the works with a new bill called the “Electric Transmission Customer Protection Act”. This act would prevent this scenario by requiring the FERC to use a “measurable reliability or economic benefit” standard when spreading out these pole and wire charges across state lines.

You just should not be allowed to spread out costs on transmission lines from states that are benefiting over to states that get no benefit from the upgrades.

This new act is being introduced into the legislature by Bob Corker a Republican from Tennessee, Ron Wyden a Democrat from Oregon and several other politicians. The bill shows a lot of promise for passing and much bipartisan support.

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