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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 | Permalink

Energy Plus uses a very unique but effective way of advertising and bringing on new customers and one of these ways is the Best Buy Rewards Zone program. I received a letter in the mail from Best Buy to sign up on a competitive electric rate with Energy Plus.

Since I was happy with my current electric company I did not switch but I thought it was interesting that Best Buy partnered with an electric company and so I read the whole sales letter.

This electricity supplier could probably sign up all the electricity customers they need in Texas by utilizing the customer base of the Reward Zone program as there seems to be a Best Buy in almost every large city.

The Rewards Program is something most people sign up almost by default when purchasing something from Best Buy and once you lose your card they simply ask you for your telephone number to track your purchases and give you discounts.

To be honest I never use my Reward Zone points because they are too limited as to what I can use them for and they focus on coming into the store on special days. I would rather come in to the store when I please to use my Reward Zone points.

By signing up with Energy Plus Texas I believe you would be rewarded with Best Buy Reward Zone points but there again this held no appeal to me because of the rules and guidelines of the Reward Zone program.

This energy provider has been getting more bad press than I have seen in quite some time and it seems to be coming from the Best Buy Reward Zone customers and the UPromise student loan program.

These customers signed up for Texas electricity service from Energy Plus expecting a much more competitive electric rate over their current energy company.

The variable electric rate they signed up for is subject to change in price each month as is the case with any variable electricity price you choose with any of the 30 or so Texas electric companies out there.

For some reason the customers must not have had their expectations and understanding of the electric rate with this electric company set right as I have read over 50 different negative comments on this company on multiple forums, websites, and consumer watchdog sites.

Sprinkled in smaller number are some positive comments about Energy Plus Texas and although the bad press is there I can’t help but think this is all simply a big misunderstanding about what a variable electricity rate is.

When choosing an electricity company like Energy Plus look at the variable electric rate plan and understand it but also consider a fixed electricity rate plan with them.

Fixed electricity rates do not change in price for the entire term of the contract. If you like you can come back here and compare Energy Plus’ fixed electric rates with some of the fixed rates on our comparison chart.

A comparison with other TX electricity companies will give you some idea of how competitive the electric rate is you are considering.

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