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Energy Plus MD

Friday, April 15th, 2011 | Permalink

Energy Plus began its innovative approach to energy supply in 2007 and since has grown to offer its services to almost 150,000 customers in 7 different states. What is Energy Plus’ innovative approach? Energy Plus makes claim to being the only energy supply company to offer rewards to its customers on a monthly basis, just for paying their electrical bill. Energy Plus’ mission is to offer competitive electricity rates, valuable rewards and excellent in –house customer service.

The rewards are based upon the amount the bill and that the customer stays up to date on the payment of the bill. There are 5 options of rewards that are offered:

Airline Miles/Points-       2 points per $1 of supply charge

Cash back-                          2% of yearly supply charge

Education reward-           3% of monthly supply charge

Hotel/Rail rewards

Retail rewards-                 2 points                per $1 of supply charge

Energy Plus uses only variable rate pricing that is based on a daily market price. Each individual day Energy Plus purchases electricity from the power markets of their different service areas. Thus, as the price fluctuates on a daily basis, so does the customers price rate. Energy Plus feels this will give its customers the best price over the long run while allowing them to collect their choice of a reward. Energy Plus reinforces their belief in the variable rate pricing with no long term contracts or no cancellation fee that usually accompany fixed rate pricing.

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