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Horizon Power Light MD

Friday, April 15th, 2011 | Permalink

Horizon Power and Light’s goal is to make life a little bit easier, a little bit less worrisome for its customers. Horizon Power and Light provides electricity supply throughout the Northeast United States to over 14,000 customers in the states of Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island. Making the statement to its customers “More freedom, less worry” is Horizon Power and Lights way of saying that they have the tools to identify the most economical electricity plan for the customer’s circumstances. Innovative competitive pricing, guaranteed reliability, fixed rate contracts and multi-location billing are a few of the appealing aspects of that Horizon Power and Light.

Horizon Power and Light use their services of analysis, tailored proposals, top notch customer care, and regional expertise to make sure to identify the right fit plan for their customer. Utilizing these services, the people of Horizon Power and Light will take a copy of the customer’s bill from their current electricity provider, analyze it, make a few suggestions to their circumstances and then customize a plan of service that will save the customer costs to their Horizon Power and Light electrical bill.

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