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Illinois Electricity Suppliers and Rate Plans

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 | Permalink

Illinois offers an electric choice program for both commercial and residential energy consumers. If you haven’t looked into how much money can be saved by choosing an alternate Illinois electric company it is worth the look around. If you are a commercial company we have a group of energy consultants that send your usage through an auction process where multiple companies compete to win your business.

We recommend top rated Illinois electric supplier: Ambit Energy A portion of commission paid to us from this provider is given to the Wounded Warrior Project

For many of us who are used to using the monopoly provider prior to choice you may be a little confused about why there is choice and if switching can save you money.


Illinois is a deregulated electricity utility state. This means that if you are relocating to Illinois or live there now you can shop and compare electricity companies to find the cheapest price.

Illinois is deregulated for both commercial and industrial businesses as well as residential electric customers. To begin shopping for a rate plan in Illinois you may use the comparison tool on the top right.

To begin going through our comparison process we need your name and email address. Please enter this information in the form to the right.

When comparing residential electricity rates there are variable rate plans and fixed rate plans. The fixed electricity rates offer price predictability while the variable rates change each day.

Our commercial and industrial rate comparison process involves a reverse auction. The bids are sent in from competing electricity suppliers in Illinois and we facilitate these prices down as they come in.

The electricity providers in Illinois bid against each other in order to win your electricity usage account.

We create a proposal that offers an apples to apples comparison with the bottom line savings amount in dollars and percentages.

Our proposal allows for an easy way to understand your options as well as in explaining this to a board or manager in charge of making a final decision.

Our energy consultants would be glad to explain our reverse auction process in more detail. Please feel free to sign up to begin by entering your email and name in the form above.

List of approved electricity suppliers in Illinois

  • Ambit Energy
  • Ameren Energy Marketing Company
  • APN Starfirst, L.P.
  • Aventine Power LLC
  • BlueStar Energy Services, Inc.
  • BlueStar Energy Solutions
  • Champion Energy, LLC
  • Commerce Energy, Inc.
  • ConocoPhillips Company
  • Consolidated Edison Solutions, Inc.
  • Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.
  • Direct Energy Business, LLC
  • Direct Energy Services, LLC
  • Dominion Retail, Inc.
  • Dominion Energy Solutions
  • DPL Energy Resources, Inc.
  • DTE Energy Supply, Inc.
  • EDF Industrial Power Services (IL), LLC
  • Edison Mission Solutions, LLC
  • Energy Plus Holdings LLC
  • Exelon Energy Company
  • Exolon Resources, L.L.C.
  • FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.
  • GCW/USS Energy, LLC
  • GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA, Inc.
  • Glacial Energy of Illinois, Inc.
  • HSBC Technology & Services (USA) Inc.
  • Hudson Energy Services LLC
  • IC Energy LLC
  • Integrys Energy Services, Inc.
  • Keystone Energy Resources, LLC
  • L & P Electric Inc.
  • Leggett & Platt Electric, Inc.
  • Liberty Power Holdings LLC
  • Linde Energy Services, Inc.
  • Lower Electric LLC
  • MC Squared Energy Services, LLC
  • NextEra Energy Services Illinois, LLC
  • Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC
  • Nordic Energy Services, LLC
  • Pepco Energy Services, Inc.
  • RealGY, LLC
  • Realgy Energy Services
  • Rohm and Haas Chemicals LLC
  • Shell Energy North America (US), L.P.
  • Spark Energy, L.P.
  • Vanguard Power Services, LLC


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