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Maryland Electricity Prices and Deregulation

Monday, February 28th, 2011 | Permalink


When entering into the state of Maryland you have a little more choice in the relocating process. I am not just talking about choosing your own home or apartment but the ability pick a competitive electricity company.

In Maryland the political climate is very much against the deregulation of electricity because the regulated environment was in the power and control of the liberal politicians and they love to blame the free market for anything negative that may be happening.

In reality however there is nothing bad about electric choice in Maryland and most people see it as a positive. Since people don’t have to go with the same monopoly energy company every time they move to  a new place in Maryland they can pick from different types of electricity plans.

There are the fixed electric rate plans in Maryland, the short term variable plans, and the green energy choices. There are usually green energy choices for both fixed and variable electricity rate plans.

One of the most common types of Maryland electricity prices is the variable price. The variable rate price looks very good in the advertisement but usually spikes up after the first month.

Variable electricity prices are more about tricking you in and then giving a big sticker shock after you settle in. Because of the trickiness of variable electricity rate plans we recommend a fixed electricity price.

There are exceptions to going ahead and choosing a variable Maryland electricity price and that is when the variable price has a price ceiling.

A price ceiling simply means that the Maryland electricity price will not go up beyond a certain point but can go down in price.

You can shop around by using our Maryland electricity comparison chart to see and compare fixed electric rate plans as well as variable.

Some of our Maryland variable electric prices do in fact have a price ceiling so if you need something short term and don’t want to worry about price spikes definitely check these plans out.

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