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Maryland commercial electricity and hidden fees and charges

Friday, January 7th, 2011 | Permalink


There are a few dishonest electricity companies that are selling commercial energy in Maryland but they are not disclosing the whole fee.

We have seen several complaints come in from commercial businesses in Maryland signing up with some of the disreputable electricity suppliers who promised them one thing but delivered something different on their bill.

The quoted saving percent people may hear from these electricity companies is 30% lower than the monopoly electric utility.

One word of warning is to stay away from variable electricity rates. Many of these Maryland energy companies will  quote you a really cheap variable price and then pass through everything else on your electric bill, which is not an ‘all-in’ rate, as they present it to unknowing prospects.

Some of these electricity suppliers in Maryland will go so far as to hire someone to scour the Internet for negative comments about their company.

These energy companies will then create an account on the website with the negative comment and pretend to be a happy customer with a positive comment.

Some of the energy companies to be wary of are based in the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. Be careful out there when shopping for your Maryland electricity supplier and if you have any questions let one of our energy consultants answer it.

We spend the time to make sure there are no hidden fees and charges in the contract and terms of service.

When you see the proposal we provide, you are getting a clear picture from your Maryland energy consultant and not just one rate from one electricity supplier in MD trying to convince you their rate is the best when there are many others out there to choose from.

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