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Pittsburgh PA No Credit Check Electric Company

Monday, April 4th, 2011 | Permalink

Often times people in Pittsburgh PA that are hit up for a credit check when signing up for electric service are not bad energy consumers. These people may even have an alright credit score. Unfortunately a decent credit score is not enough and in Pittsburgh PA you will likely have to come up with some type of deposit amount.

If your credit score is okay you may still have to come up with $200 or more even though you have approved credit cards, a house, and cars you qualified for buying.

Pittsburgh electric companies operate on thin margins and need a lot of volume to make a profit. These PA energy suppliers cannot afford defaults on electric bills.

If these energy suppliers sign up too many customers in a certain credit score number without taking a deposit they could find themselves upside down on the energy they have purchased to sell all of their electricity customers.

A few defaults by some bad customers can ruin it for all and in the past have even caused some energy companies that were too lenient on credit checks to go out of business.

Taking on credit risk customers is only one of many risks retail electricity providers have to deal with. There are also legal risks, bad executions risks, and risks associated with unwanted criticism posted on the web that hurts their brand name.

In summary among all these risks Pittsburgh PA electric companies simply cannot deal with helping out a few honest people who may not have the best credit score. The energy companies simply do not know how to filter out the good from the bad but that is okay because there are other options out there.

You can choose a prepaid electricity provider in Pittsburgh PA that charges you in advance. By having an energy supplier that charges you in advance for the energy you use you avoid the deposit and are trusting the provider to pay you back for anything you over pay to them.

When using a prepaid electric company you take on the risk of possibly paying too much and the energy provider never truing up the charges and leaving town .

The scenario above does not often happen but has happened from time to time so be sure to choose a good reputable well known PA electric company.

You can compare above to begin shopping for a PA electric supplier.

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