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No Deposit Electricity Choice in PA

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 | Permalink

No deposit electricity choice in PA does not just offer choices on rate plans and price but also choice regarding deposit.

Pretty much all electricity suppliers will want a deposit and they determine this based on a credit check run on your social security number.

Many people for different reasons do not want a credit check run and want to avoid paying a deposit altogether.

Electricity deposits in PA are usually anywhere from $200 – $500 depending on how your credit score is.

Even what I would consider a good credit score will often be asked for a deposit by a PA electricity supplier.

The statistics tell no lies and below a certain score number the default rate on an electric bill is over 50% so of course electricity companies will ask you for a deposit.

Not too long in the distant past I have even been asked for a deposit by an electricity company even though I felt like I had a decent credit score.

I paid up but now there are other choices out there like No Deposit electric companies and prepaid electricity providers.

When choosing a prepaid PA electricity company be sure to go with one that reads your electricity usage with a real time smart meter device.

The prepaid electric company in PA that uses the smart meter will charge you for actual electric usage rather than estimated.

Unfortunately many prepaid electric companies in PA come and go out of business and so you don’t want to pay estimated usage with the promise to true up real time usage once you accumulate it.

Prepaid electric companies that us estimated usage promise to true up the charges once real time data comes in. If you do not have a smart meter the prepay electric company may wait a year before trying to true up your charges.

In a years time many prepaid electricity suppliers in PA that use estimated usage may have overcharged their customers by millions of dollars.

What has happened in states like Texas is that the electricity supplier will write really big executive salaries and bonuses at the end of the year, close up shop, and leave the state.

These prepay electric companies show their true nature of being nothing but a scam operation when they never pay back their customers for over charges.

It is important for this reason to pick a prepaid PA electricity company that uses real time meter data as you will only be charged for actual electricity usage without the risk of overcharging.

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