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Scranton PA No Deposit Electric Companies

Monday, April 4th, 2011 | Permalink

When asked for a deposit in Scranton PA the typical response is one of outrage and my assumption is that the credit score that customer has is really not all that bad. I would agree with this assumption as even my own credit score would not qualify for a no deposit electricity rate and my score isn’t half bad. So what is the deal with credit checks not passing to at least get the Scranton PA lights turned on without forking over $400?

The issue is that even with a fairly good credit score people still default at least one time during the year with their electric company because of different mishaps. Statistically speaking good credit score customers deal with break ups, split ups, divorces, bad roommates, and a host of other issues.

Now you want to know how to get out of a Scranton PA deposit request. If you have been asked by one PA electricity company for a deposit chances are high all the rest will ask you for this deposit as well.

The way around a deposit request is to go with a prepaid Scranton PA electric company.

By prepaying for electric service you are basically paying in advance for the first month of electric service.

After the first month a prepay electricity company in PA that uses advanced smart meter technology will true up the estimated payment on the 2nd bill.

For any future bills your electricity will be charged against a prepay meter card based on actual usage.

In some cases the very first bill will be charged against a prepay card which means you will be billed from the very start based on your actual electric usage.

What you want to avoid is the Scranton PA energy suppliers that estimate your usage and instead of charging you for actual usage charge you for estimated usage.

In this situation you usually get charged way more than you actually use. These providers are usually the first PA electric companies to go out of business and believe me you will never see that extra money you paid them ever again.

If you would like to compare reputable Scranton PA electric suppliers please use our compare chart at the top right of this page.

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