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Oasis Energy Maryland

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Oasis Energy has the philosophy that “the customer deserves peace of mind when it comes to their energy decisions.” With a mission to remain lean and efficient, Oasis Energy wants to insure that its customers are not lost in a sea of phone calls and a blur of names. They strive to have an unsurpassed customer service that is people oriented and express concern by acting quickly to figure out the correct solution to their customer’s problem.  Oasis Energy boasts of management with 25 years of experience. And with this experience they look to make the customers every experience worthwhile, cost effective, and worry free in order to reach their goal to provide competitive products at the best price.

Oasis Energy currently serves thousands in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York. Oasis Energy offers a 24 month variable rate contract.

When choosing a 24 month contract you will find that it will usually be a higher electric rate plan than what is available with 12 year and shorter term plans.

The reason you would sign up at a higher rate for a longer term is to insure your rate does not go up higher 24 months from now. Some people feel that in 24 months electric rates could take a dramatic jump up in price as the world demands more energy.

Other people have the opinion that the economy is faltering around the world even in China and that 2 years from now the price of electricity will be even less expensive. Based on your opinion the 24 month plan may be the right decision.

It is simply too hard for even the experts to tell you for sure which of these scenarios is likely to play out. If you do choose a long term plan however it is not the end of the world if you regret it later.

You can usually do a blend and extend contract if rates dramatically go down in price so although you are locked in there is some wiggle room.

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