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No Deposit Pennsylvania Electricity Supplier Choices

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When relocating to Pennsylvania you will notice that PA has electric choice. This just means that you have several electricity suppliers in your area all offering different rate plans and prices for electricity service.

When relocating you will be hit up for deposits for water, lease, gas, and electricity. If your credit is great you may not need to pay all of these deposits but for the most part you will at least have to pay a deposit for your PA electricity service and for your lease.

Once you have put down close to $1,000 as a deposit for your apartment or home lease you may not have much money left to pay an electricity supplier in PA a deposit as well.

Knowing what options are available in Pennsylvania regarding deposits will help you in finding a cheap electricity rate as well as avoid paying an electricity deposit.

Your main choice to avoid paying a deposit is a prepay electricity provider. Many traditional now offer pre-pay electricity service plans along with standard rate plans.

When prepaying for electricity service you are not paying a deposit because that money is immediately applied to your first months electric bill.

Also with prepaid electric service it is often competitively priced because many PA homes are equipped with electric smart meters that keep track of the electric service you use in real time.

If you move or switch electric companies in PA you will not need to worry about the money you may have prepaid as this will be applied to your new provider regardless of the supplier you choose at your new place.

Consumer Assistance Program (CAP)

Provides an alternative to traditional collection methods for low-income, payment-troubled utility customers. Generally, customers enrolled in a CAP agree to make monthly payments to the utility based on household size and gross income. Customers make regular monthly payments, which may be for an amount that is less than the current electric bill for utility service. In exchange for regular payments, some companies may also reduce the amount consumers already owe. Besides regular monthly payments, customers need to follow certain rules to remain eligible for continued participation. CAP customers are able to choose a competitive supplier, but the discount they receive in CAP may be greater than the discounted rate offered by the supplier. Call your electric utility for more information.

Customer Assistance Referral and Evaluation Program (CARES)

Helps customers with special needs find ways to pay their utility bills. Special needs include family emergencies, divorce, unemployment, or medical emergencies.

Hardship Funds

This program will provide assistance in the form of paying your electricity bill by using grants if the electricity customer has been unable to qualify for other financial assistance programs. Also some people may have utilized other financial assistance but still need more. The hardship funds program will make electric bill payments directly to the PA electricity suppliers that the energy consumer has chosen. You will have to contact the electricity supplier you have decided to use for more information. The PA electricity company may not have good answers immediately as the PA government and energy suppliers are not on the same system. You may also enter in your name and email in the form at thet top right and our energy consultants will work with you to create a detailed electricity proposal showing you competing supplier quotes.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Department of Public Welfare has a low income assistance program that will help pay for home energy bills. The LIHEAP program offers cash and crisis benefits for considering special situations that arise in a low income household. You will have to contact the Department of Public Welfare to determine what qualifications meet the description of an emergency home need.

Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP)

Helps low-income residential customers lower the amount of energy used each month. Typically, the company may install energy saving features or make energy efficiency improvements in customers’ Pennsylvania homes to help reduce electricity bills. Contact your electric supplier in PA for more information.

Weatherization Assistance Program

Enables low-income families to reduce their PA energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. Pennsylvania’s Weatherization Assistance Program is administered through the Department of Community and Economic Development.

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