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PA Door to Door Electricity Service Sales People, Annoying! Please Go Away!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 | Permalink


We have been hearing reports in the deregulated electricity market of PA that gorilla sales people with alternate electric companies now competing in Pennsylvania have been representing themselves as PPL, Met-Ed, and Penelec.

So how and why does a large corporation like a several million dollar electric company get away with deceptive trade practices like this and even slamming people to their service because the people thought they were signing up with a trusted brand like Met-Ed?

The reason is usually because the electricity supplier in PA will hire a door to door marketing sales company to sign up electric customers for them. If the electric company does not have their own crew and does not have any type of quality control regarding what sales practices are being used things can get really bad.

A gorilla marketing firm may get $50 – $100 per electric service customer they sign up. If they are a deceptive company they may move in to a new state, hire a bunch of workers promise them commissions.

The company could go door to door throughout Pennsylvania neighborhoods and sign up hundreds of electric company accounts as they claim to be from PPL, Met-ED or Penelec.

The reason this misrepresentation happens as frequently as it does is because the electric service is in fact still being delivered by the natural monopoly in that area which will be the trusted brands of either Met-Ed, Penelec, or PPL.

So I can just see this whole door to door scam being played out like this.

Electricity Scam artist: The sales guy knocks on the door and says, “Hi I am with PPL electric company and now that Pennsylvania has deregulated their electric market prices have significantly dropped in price and many people still have not switched to a cheaper electric rate. Can I help you choose a cheaper electric rate today?

Potential Customer at Home: So you are with PPL?

Electricity Scam artist: “Yes!, We are with PPL and I was signing up PPL electric customers today on a cheaper electric rate plan for all those who have not switched.”

Potential Customer at Home: “Well what do I need to do to take advantage of the cheaper PPL electric rate?”

Electricity scam artist: We just need you to sign this form authorizing us to switch you to the new electricity rate. As you can see right here it says PPL (Met-ED, Penelec) will still be your electricity transmission provider. All this does is get you on a much cheaper electric rate although you will still get a bill from (PPL, Penelec, Met-Ed)

Potential Customer at Home: “OK, here is my signature, a lemon square and glass of ice water. Thank you PPL for telling me about this, it’s hot out there so you stay cool now you here.”

As you can see this is how one of these PA electricity scams would likely work. Since the electric transmission provider is still the natural monopoly pole and wires company like PPL, Met-Ed or Penelec it is easy to slide one past the unsuspecting eye when they sign a contract.

Multiple retail electricity companies in Pennsylvania are currently in ongoing lawsuits with the big brand energy companies over misrepresentations like this. This is not an uncommon scam and happens every day.

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