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Light Companies in Texas

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 | Permalink

Energy consumers can choose light companies in Texas from various competing electricity suppliers.

The benefit of states offering electric choice is the ability to pick from various electricity rate plans to find the one that fits your situation.

For some the hassle of coming up with the money to pay an electricity deposit is too much to deal with especially when you have to stand in line with the Department of Health and Human Services to get the state to assist you.

There is a program called Lite-Up Texas that can help you with lowering the price of your electric service but no deposit choices are handled by the Department of Health and Human Services.

If you want to avoid working with the state government you may also look at our no deposit electric choice options in Texas by using the compare chart at the top right. Enter your zip code to begin and click on “Compare”

When speaking with light companies in Texas about the Lite-Up Texas program they usually have limited information to share about the program.

The Lite-Up Texas program comes and goes based on seasonality and usually starts up during the summer.

The program is mainly for reducing the cost of your electric rate with whichever TX electric company you choose.

You will be able to get better information by calling Lite Up Texas directly rather than trying to garner this information from the electricity company.

Texas light companies have a hard time dealing with reconciling what their customers pay with government assistance programs and for many providers it is simply a hassle they would rather not deal with.

Unfortunately the Light Up Texas program does not support paying your deposit although The Department of Health and Human Services can assist greatly.

The problem is that the government of Texas is not the easiest thing to deal with either and so when trying to lower the price you pay your electric company and getting the deposit waived you may have to spend an entire day getting this all done.

An alternate idea to not have to pay a Texas electricity deposit is to choose a prepaid electricity company. Prepaid Texas electric suppliers offer a service that uses the new electric smart meters.

The customer simply inserts a charged debit card specifically designed for a prepaid device installed on your meter.

You buy these cards with money already on them in a similar way you would buy a Walmart gift card.

The money is deducted as you use your electricity and so there is no need to have your electricity usage estimated.

Prior to these prepaid devices being used prepaid electric light companies would estimate your electric usage and charge you based on what the previous tenant used.

Many of these prepaid electric companies in Texas went out of business and so any refunds you had coming to you were simply kept by the executives of these no deposit electric providers.

With new smart meter electricity prepaid technology there is no longer a risk associated with losing money sent to your prepaid electric company because you pay for the exact usage and nothing more.

To sign up with a no deposit prepaid electricity supplier in Texas start by using the electricity comparison chart at the top right. Once you have entered your zip code and clicked on “Compare” you will need to go to the “no-deposit” tab.

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