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Reading PA offers electricity rates from multiple electric suppliers

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 | Permalink


In Reading PA commercial and industrial businesses can work down their electric rate by entering into a reverse auction process. Instead of pulling up a list of electricity suppliers in Reading PA that have different ways of pricing and outlining service charges, transmission and distribution fees, and energy only pricing you can get an apples to apples comparison.

Our energy consultants send out your historical or estimated electricity usage (if you are a new company) to multiple electricity companies in Reading PA competing for new usage accounts.

We are not on these electricity providers payroll and are not a shill company that operates as an outsourced salesman for a particular electric company like Penn Power Met-Ed, and other energy suppliers.

Instead we act as your energy consultant and go out to these Reading electric providers and offer them the chance to bid on your commercial or industrial electricity account.

When the electricity bids come in we work these rates down as well as negotiate apples to apples terms of service among the competing electricity suppliers in PA.

By working the electricity rates down and making sure the terms of service are similar we can create a proposal that gives a clear representation of rates in the market for your business.

The prices in the proposal are from multiple electric companies and for several different terms.

If you are a large commercial or industrial customer such as a chemical plan or manufacturing facility we can put together bids for more advanced energy products such as, heat rate, natural gas fixed pricing, index prices combined with fixed and other related plans.

Use the sign up form above to have an energy consultant call you regarding Reading PA electric rates available in your area.

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