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Prepay Electric Meters in Texas New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Problems in the new smart grid

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 | Permalink

The new smart grid uses smart meter technology that sends a customers electric usage in real time directly to the utility company that manages the poles and wires and keeps track of electrical usage at each facility.

Some prepay meters offer a way to insert a prepay card in the meter at the residence to keep the meter on and running. Door to door scammers however have been creating fake prepay cards and going door to door in low income neighborhoods selling these cards for cheaper than a customer can get them elsewhere.

Low-income families often times resort to prepaying for electric service to avoid paying a large upfront deposit amount. In the past and sometimes even now prepay electric companies have been able to charge much higher rates to low income families as a trade off of not having to come up with a deposit.

The deal usually sounds sweet, “only $99 to start electric service”. This is prepaid electricity but may only keep service on a week or two. Notice the ad does not give an impression as to what the per kWh rate really is.

The smart meters being installed in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey offer low income families the opportunity to choose a competitive electricity company while yet still prepaying for their electric service.

There are different types of prepaid electricity suppliers out there and one involves inserting a prepay card into the electric meter which allows the meter to continue to run and supply electric power to the home.

Energy consumers in Texas, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania need to be on the look out for this popular scam that involves scammers selling cloned prepay electricity cards that can be inserted into prepaid electricity meters.

If a consumer falls for such a scam they may not only be paying for this fake card but have to pay double when the card that was used is found to be a cloned copy off of some poor saps stolen credit card.

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