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Severn MD Electricity Suppliers and How to Compare Electric Rates

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The best way to compare electric rates in Severn MD is to break down rate plans from multiple electricity suppliers based on “fixed” and “variable”

If I could give you an even clearer consideration point it would be to just compare fixed electricity rate offers.

A variable rate plan has many problems and is the main culprit of why customers can end up paying more for electricity service after a market has been deregulated than before.

The problem with variable MD electricity prices is that they all have their own initial teaser rate that is subject to change anywhere from 1 week to 1 month after you sign up with the MD electricity supplier offering that rate.

At first a variable electricity ate in Severn MD may look extremely tempting and competitive compared to fixed rate offers by other competing electric companies.

The issue is that the energy companies offering the teaser rates are not trying to get you for the long haul but only for a year at the most so they can spike the price of your electricity over several months and take you for as much as they can.

Of course not all variable electric rates in Severn MD fall into the scam category as some are legitimate and have the well being of the customer considered.

The disreputable electric companies in MD genuinely try to scam the public and see electricity deregulation as an opportunity to take advantage of confused customers that do not understand that a cheap variable price is not a guaranteed rate.

When customers that get burned by these electric companies leave and sign up with a different electric company it is no sweat to that company as their business model is based on the fact that there are many more people (suckers) where that person came from.

In conclusion be sure to compare fixed MD electricity rate offers and don’t go with the first low price variable electric rate you see as it may be nothing more then a 1 month promotional offer.

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