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Solar Panels Banned in San Antonio Texas Town Neighborhood

Monday, December 6th, 2010 | Permalink

Solar panels are great as far as I am concerned but they are expensive. This however did not come into play as to why a Texas home in San Antonio will not be using solar power.

After a pro-green energy family installed solar panels on their home they were told by the home owners association that they would need to take them down.

There apparently was a rule in the home owners associations book that bars solar panels from being on homes in this neighborhood.

The home owners association did not say why the rule is in place but I would imagine it has to do with the ugly look it ads to a homes exterior and the neighborhood as a whole.

If I were to install solar panels on my Texas home I would start out with a grow and go system. This type of system starts out with one panel and more can be added to the system as a home owner save up and can afford to add on.

Unfortunately this home installed a very expensive system on their roof and will now be required to take the whole thing down.

A new law is being suggested to Texas state legislatures that would require all home owner associations, municipalities, public utilities, etc to not be able to bar the installation of solar.

This new law makes since as solar panels alleviate the demand on the Texas electric grid and will only serve to help everyone tied into it.

You can read more about this story at “Green Energy gets the red light in some Texas neighborhoods”

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