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Spark Energy is an electricity service provider that looks to empower its customers. At the foundation of Spark Energy you will find three S’s. Savings, Service, and Support. Spark was founded in 1999 to begin as an early pioneer of retail energy business. Since that time Spark Energy has grown to become a nation-wide provider from California to New York with 250 employees serving hundreds of thousands of customers. Spark Energy utilizes the energy experience of its executive team to build its three S foundation as they get lower prices, better customer experience, and support for the community.

For savings, Spark utilizes their energy knowledge and buying power to purchase electricity at the lowest price possible and then passes the savings on to its customers. At the time this article was written Spark was offering rates that were quite a bit cheaper than many other providers that compete against them. To begin their customer’s savings right away Spark Energy offers an automatic 8% discount for the first 2 months of a 24 month variable rate contract.

This company empowers its customers with helpful links and articles to give them full understanding of what happens in Spark Energy. They also offer helpful tips so that its customers can save on energy, thus saving on money beyond the lower rates that Spark Energy offers.

Before deciding to go with a variable electric rate just keep in mind that with this type of price there is no guarantee what the price will do after the first 2 months of service. For many the variable plan acts as a teaser and hooks people in but some customers may find after a few months that the rate is not as great as it first was.

If you are trying to make your mind up about which provider and price to consider just keep in mind that a fixed price agreement although often times more expensive than variable prices is a smarter choice.

We recommend considering a fixed agreement with Spark if they offer it before making a final decision to get on a variable plan as you will know what you will be paying the entire term of the plan.

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