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Why should I switch from TXU Energy?

Thursday, May 26th, 2011 | Permalink

TXU Energy is a good electric company in Texas and I suspect you have had very little if no issue at all with them.

Texas has deregulated the electric utility market way back in 2002 and if you relocated to Texas you may have no idea of this fact.

In the North Texas area you will usually have electric service initially turned on under TXU Energy especially if it is a newly built home or business.

The reason you might want to switch is because you could be on a default variable electric rate with them that does not have the rate locked in for a period of time. This may mean you are paying more for your electricity than you really should be.

When on a month to month rate like this I would call your provider and see what available fixed electric rate offers they have.

Besides just calling TXU you might want to check on prices with several other electricity suppliers in the area.

There is a common misconception that this electric company was responsible for adding in the advanced meter charge on your electric bill. In reality they actually asked the PUCT to reconsider how the fee was applied as many people could end up with the false impression it was their idea. Considering that many electric meters installed in Texas still have the TXU logo and name it would be fair to believe some people would blame them for the advanced meter charge and in fact this is what has started to happen.

The big standard electric utility is not the enemy and no they are not the company that proposed or lobbied for this charge on everyone’s meter. To make all residents pay in advance for the meter before it was even installed was the Texas governments idea and it has had adverse effects on TXU’s business because of public perception that they are the company responsible for this.

Rather then get bogged down with having to pay the advanced meter fee and who to blame it is recommended to simply go out and shop and compare prices among the providers. All of these companies will be charging that same meter fee regardless of who you choose.

What can be confusing during this shopping process is seeing a “competitive” month to month electric rate and falling for the low price.

After the first month a variable rate like this will go up in price usually. To avoid this pitfall simply compare only fixed electricity prices with each other.

In summary TXU is a good Texas electric company but for many they are just the default electric company they are stuck with until they do their own shopping.

It is worth the small amount of time it takes to compare providers or have an energy consulting company compare prices for you.

You may also call one of our featured providers and most of them will go over your TXU Energy bill and price to see if you may receive any savings by switching to an alternate TX electric supplier.

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