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Tyler TX Electricity Suppliers Offer Competitive Rate Plans

Friday, March 4th, 2011 | Permalink

When comparing Tyler TX electric rate plans not all plans act in the same way so it is important to know the tips to avoid choosing a scam electricity company and offer.

I live in this town and have run into a few door to door sales reps of TXU Energy. This company is a reputable provider in the area and at one time was the only choice. I spoke with a guy by the name of Charles and he explained that he and others on his team canvas neighborhoods and offer competitive plans for switching to their company.

Because this provider is so large and their brand is so valuable they have an incentive to play by the book, according to all PUCT rules and regulations when it comes to switching customers via the door to door method.

Often you will see that an incentive in the form of a money gift card that could be $50 – $100 is given if you change to their company. TXU actually offers fairly decent residential prices and so those prices combined with a gift card is not a bad deal from what I have seen.

The only thing I could point out to you to consider is that there are around 30 residential providers offering service in Tyler and so it is worth a look around. The TXU offer is good but they are hoping that after you stay with them for a year or two you will continue to remain a customer. Definitely switch and take the gift card if the rate is good but also prepare to shop around once your contract expires.

There are other retail providers that send door to door sales guys around neighborhoods but be leery of any brand names you have never heard of before. Many fly by night companies use the door to door method by hiring contractors who will do and say anything to get you as a customer. In these situations you may even be told by the sale guy that they were sent by Oncor to get you on a better rate. This type of statement is a total lie and at this point it is recommended to express to them that you are not interested. Rather than go with the first sales person that approaches you consider using a government approved comparison site like or our own website to find good providers that service your area.

Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Fixed electric rates in Tyler TX are going to be your easiest plan to compare from one electric provider to the next.
  • A fixed plan should be an all in bundled electricity price with no hidden fees or charges you must guess about.
  • Because fixed electricity rate plans have all the fees bundled in you can compare multiple providers and assume they are giving you the whole rate.
  • Assuming fixed rate plans are the same across the board is usually a safe bet as otherwise the electric company could get themselves in trouble with the PUC.

If you are ever burned by an electricity supplier that advertised in Tyler TX via TV, radio, newspaper ad, or Internet you can contact the PUC and file a complaint.

The electricity supplier advertising in Tyler must respond to the customer and resolve the matter satisfactorily or be fined by the PUC.

The PUC is there for the energy consumer so be sure to use them if you ever need to.

Variable electricity rate plans in Tyler Texas are a completely different animal than fixed prices and we recommend not comparing variable rates and prices from multiple electric companies.

The reason a comparison of variable prices makes no sense is that each provider has a different way of deciding if they will raise their variable price on the next month.

With a variable price the rate could change because the market is up but it also could change because the electric supplier decided they wanted to profit more from their customers on that month.

Our comparison chart compares multiple fixed electric rates in Tyler Texas from several discount electric companies.

We also have a comparison chart of variable rate plans but we suggest going with a fixed rate plan simply because there is no guarantee for price assurance as we discussed earlier.

If you are a commercial business in Tyler Texas you can also compare electricity rates and companies but it involves a more comprehensive reverse auction process.

Our energy consultants will take your estimated or historical electric usage and have multiple electric companies in Texas bid on your account.

If you would like to know more about our no obligation reverse auction process fill out our form above.

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