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Viridian Energy in Maryland, MLM Reps and Understanding the Price

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 | Permalink

Viridian Energy provides power with a purpose according to their slogan and operate in many states including Maryland. The purpose is to provide an alternate energy option to the local utility. This company also offers a work from home type of opportunity to sell energy similar to Ignite and Ambit Energy. The creation of direct sales energy companies has really taken off as of late as even Spark Energy has entered this market with a company called Ampegy. The only problem is that a lot of buzz and setup must be done and maintained through a group of experienced direct sales leaders to make a company actually grow a large customer base using this method. This type of viral marketing requires quite a bit of skill, luck, and execution on almost every level to work.

Viridian wants you know that they have differntiated themselves from other competitors by trying to do the right thing when it comes to the environment. Bringing back the spirit of caring into business is not something many companies venture to far into and often remains on a surface level but Viridian has outlined some of their promises in this regard.

Beginning in 2009, Viridian Energy is the electrical supplier for the environmental conscientious, by allowing them to do their part to protect the environment at an affordable price. Viridian Energy stands out compared to other renewable energy competitors because it is willing to take a lower profit in order to see green electricity sold at a reasonable price. These core values stand as the foundation of Viridian Energy’s promise to its customers:

  • Environmental Sustainability- Viridian looks to not just create opportunity to take care of the environment, but also create a “culture” that will see its passion reflected in its customers
  • Empowerment- This company hopes to create opportunity for its independent Associates to impact the environment and improve their lives
  • Reliability- They work to have the same reliable service as other utilities yet with superior customer service
  • Integrity- They want to hold the highest standard of ethics in both business and environmental stewardship
  • Customer focus- They offer helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable service to fit each customer’s specific need.

The interesting aspect to this company is that they sell their electric service through an MLM business model like Ambit and Ignite. They offer their electricity in multiple states and in order to sell their service you must pay them a membership fee.

The fees you must pay them are $99 to sell in one state with one product, $299 to sell all of their products, and $399 if you want to sell in all states with all of their products offered. They offer different levels of how you want to come into the company and as far as customer perceptions I see it being one of customers learning about them through word of mouth.

The frustrating aspect to this type of company is that customers usually get their information on the company from people who have little experience in explaining an energy agreement and related charges. The people choosing to sign up to help a friend also end up finding out a few months later that their friend they helped out isn’t even in the business anymore.

Regardless of whether or not you spoke with someone who knows how to go over the energy agreement with you in a professional manner I recommend taking time to look at the terms of service for yourself to see if all charges are disclosed in what you were told.

Do not sign the contract until you have compared the price you were told you will pay with what the actual fine print agreement says you will pay. There is almost always some difference between the super excited price the MLM sales recruit tells you and the all-in total bundled rate you will actually be billed for.

In regards to the price issue this is not something we are trying to blame Viridian for as all providers have the challenge of explaining the entire price to their customers it is jut a little easier for the details to get lost when a really excited person is trying to get their grandmother to sign on the dotted line.

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